moved my sig to its own forum post, ran out of room here

not representative of my total support, plenty of threads are just as good and i just forgot about my sig at the time. but these are some of the threads i support anyway
favorite hallow alt still the first hallow alt :p
mountains replace one ocean
hallowed\corruptible jungle full immunity and not this chlorophyte vs destruction nonsense)

half support if it were pitched as 2 new alts not a destructive split

editors: tedit for anything maps and terrsavr

disappointing mobile gets all those little holiday things and nothing for pc, not every update needs to be a big deal with a new progression tier. some events can be the little things.
I play this superhero game (its like kol) if you join send pseudoname a message for free items and a chance at an itom to start you off.


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    Putting Down Roots

    You've been here four whole years and, like a flower, made the forum more beautiful with your presence.
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    I Have Many Leather-Bound Books....

    1,095 days is a long time, indeed....and that's how long you've been a member of our Community!
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    The Fabric of Our Lives...

    Two years as a Terrarian! Thanks for your continued support!
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    This is....Terraria!

    500 posts, huh? Your fingers must be pretty tired by now....
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    Happy Paper Anniversary! You've been a member of the Terrarian Community for a full year!
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    You like really, really like me....

    Somebody out there reacted positively to one of your messages. Keep posting like that for more!
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    Terraria: The world that has been pulled over your eyes...

    The Terrariatrix has you! With 100 messages posted, it's too late to turn back now!
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    Out of the Shadows...

    A lurker no longer, you have posted your first message in our community forums!
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