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I love rubber ducks, and ducks in general. And Terraria if course.:rslime::kingslime: . I love all video games, but mainly Nintendo. Also loves talking about the weather.
September 20
Connecticut, USA
Re-Logic Games Owned
Terraria: PC, Terraria: Mobile, Terraria: Nintendo 3DS, Terraria: Nintendo Switch
Professional rubber duck collector


Microsoft Gamer Tag
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Youtube Page
Simon Kirbycraft


Hello, I’m Quackinton! I love video games including Terraria, Minecraft, and more. Also a huge fan of Nintendo. I also love ducks (as you can tell by my username). I will update you on progress I have on different platforms. Just click “My Progress” to view my progress! I do both vanilla and modded.

Yes, I love this version, and just beat Ocramon it!
On an old device, preparing to fight the Lunatic Cultist! I’m also trying to beat Martian Madness!
I finally Beat Moon Lord!
Just doing stuff for fun, like collecting trophies and building.
Doing a summoner play through!
Trying to beat Eater of Worlds
Just Beat Moon Lord
Playing the Bard class in normal mode! Just beat WoF, time for hardmode!
Post-Moon Lord, trying to get the Terrarian.


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