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    Equipment idea

    This contributes absolutely nothing to the discussion. If you want to post stuff like this I would go to the cross-platform discussions.
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    Snow Melts In Desert

    Ice blocks will turn to snow then slush.
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    Things you want in 1.4

    What's something you've really wanted to be added in terraria but still hasn't been confirmed? For me it's mushroom slimes.
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    Top 3 unneeded mobs

    Gastropods, because they don't necessarily fit into the hallow and they are all a round a pain in the :red: in early hardmode.
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    Equipment idea

    The sprites are cool, but could you please elaborate on the items stats?
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    Shroomite gun

    The reason I suggest this is because most armor sets have a weapon to accommodate the class it buffs, and that is made from the same ingot/material as the armor set( an example being meteorite armor and the space gun. However Shroomite armor doesn't have a weapon to go with it, so I suggest the...
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    Add more stuff to the hallow

    I agree with you, but can you be a little more specific with what could be added into the hallow?
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    Hardmode Metal Guns

    Illegal gun parts should be in the recipes.
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    Snow Melts In Desert

    You have a point. I didn't consider that when writing this post
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    Snow Melts In Desert

    Sure, I like your idea I'll edit that in.
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    Snow Melts In Desert

    Basically any snow related blocks (slush/snow block biome variants) and snowballs will melt if dropped or placed in the desert, beach, or jungle biomes for over 2 minutes. If you drop or place those items in the hell biome they will melt instantly. Also if you try throwing any explosive item...
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    That is true however this doesn't mean it should be added into the game. Currently there are no "passive aggressive" mobs in Terraria and, in my opinion, would seem like a misfit unless something is added in 1.4 to change that.
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    This is identical to the llamas in minecraft.
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    Sprites Skull Traps:

    This is such a great idea!
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    Dye Adjustments

    I don't know if this already exists but I thought it would be cool if dye would effect certain accessories differently such as the sandstorm in a bottle. So basically any item that produces a trail when used would get their trail painted if equipped with dye. That way you can pull off a clean...
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