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Recent content by Ranadiel

  1. Ranadiel

    PC Able to sit with an NPC in a chair on his lap

    Just discovered an interesting bug/mechanic. I had my inventory open and forgot i had a squirrel on my cursor (picked up) and right clicked on the trader (wanted to sell it to him). Surprisingly, i sat on the traders lap (as seen in the screen attached). I can confirm that using any item picked...
  2. Ranadiel

    PS4 Multiple events break local coop

    Recently playing with my girlfriend on PS4 we were nearing another try against Moon Lord (he's pretty tough in Expert Mode) and were doing the last pillar, when the night came and everything went bad. The first player (top part of the screen) view height got halved (seeing everything, but being...
  3. Ranadiel

    PC Auto-Open doors

    I think the point is that automatic door open/close is useful for consoles, mobile, etc. On PC it is not needed as you can swiftly open/close with the mouse. Just like you build, aim and manage inventory easier with the mouse than with moving the cursor here and there. Also, i agree that at...
  4. Ranadiel

    Fixing Drop Rates

    @Mislic the problem is that in most games when you get a special potion, it generally gives you such a boost that a single one changes the tide of battles. Here, you have to chug down a series of potion, because each gives a substantial, but single effect. Also, in most games these wonderful...
  5. Ranadiel

    PC Auto-Open doors

    Smart cursor is not that smart sometimes. If you have many points of interest nearby it could choose something you don't want to open/switch/use. On consoles i always had a problem when being near chests, which i think get priority for "using". I simply cannot get on rails when near chests, not...
  6. Ranadiel

    Fixing Drop Rates

    I would support increasing odds for obtaining items. This would of course have to be minimal, like you have 0.5% chance and with 10 kills it increases by 0.1% or something like that. I don't want to have a 100% chance very easily given to me, especially with mobs that you can kill in hundreds...
  7. Ranadiel

    Small Suggestion Saturday: Consumable Mana Crystals, Heart Crystals, Life Fruits, and Demon Hearts!

    Personally the restriction on the Demon Hearts to 5 minutes is a bit useless. You want to eat 100 Demon Hearts in one fight? I would cry my eyes out if i had to fight WoF 100 times to regain them all. I would use up 1 to 3 per fight, because killing WoF takes still a few minutes, even counting...
  8. Ranadiel

    Summoner Weapon Slot

    Taking into consideration everything that everyone said, i am simply against this idea. Even considering you can dye your minions. Why, you may ask? Because it does not make complete sense. Below i will list all my concerns and suggestions: Firstly, light pets and pets do not use mana. They...
  9. Ranadiel

    Changes to Mediumcore (death penalty, 1-up lives)

    Considering a gravestone that would gather all of the items the character drops, it would have to be bigger than any container we already have. Take into consideration that a player has a full set of armor, accessories, additional items like cart and hook, but also can have dies and vanity items...
  10. Ranadiel

    Biom vs Biom

    As interesting as it may be for monsters to fight each other, i don't know how it can be done in the game code itself. I am pretty sure that all enemies are categorized in one group (bosses maybe in another) and this would require creating groups for each type of monsters (corruption, hallow...
  11. Ranadiel

    Re-enable various enviromental hazards and add new ones; as well as active threats to your base.

    I can agree that adding all of this would enhance the gameplay, but in a manner that most people would like. A toggleable option with default set to off surely could be done, but not by default on. Four reasons behind all this: 1. My girlfriend rarely spends time on arranging her inventory...
  12. Ranadiel

    WIP Weapon Combos

    If you want enhancements to the fighting, i propose checking out Terraria Overhaul mod, among many others. Played it and i think it's the best if you want to see a different Terraria fighting style ;)
  13. Ranadiel

    Mac new npc spawn ordering and pricing system

    Without going into too much detail, i'd see it in a manner of: Special UI for each room opening up with various categories displayed. Alternatively just a pop-up text when hovering over a room showing all the benefits. Each furniture item would have some added values to specific categories...
  14. Ranadiel

    Crafting "Rooms"

    Full support from my end. On one hand changing how crafting works (to require a room) would be a big change, with people not able to use workbenches (unless a loophole is possible), but having big crafting spaces, easily accessible. On the other hand, existing mechanism was created so that the...
  15. Ranadiel

    Mac new npc spawn ordering and pricing system

    I got the notion that they would, the NPC would give only a very limited benefit, if any. Themed houses and special furniture would simply enhance what an NPC can do (buy/sell).
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