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I'm just a Terraria Player trying to learn more about the game (even in late endgame), getting everything i can possible get for my collection of items.

I'm also focusing on bulding right now since it's one of the funniest things to do in this game.

I really like Terraria, i'm not a Veteran Player, yet i love it, my story in Terraria began in october of 2018, i didn't know what to do, i just saw the 1.3 Trailer and was like "Dude, that's cool".

After that i asked my friend what the game is, he said "There's no point, as long as you are having fun, it's alright".

I started playing then, i saw that the game early pre-hardmode was kinda boring until i met the "Eye of Cthulu", it simply killed me.

I started to look for more loot and weapons, not knowing what to do after the EoC, so i asked my friend what was the next thing to do, he said "Just play, you will not need help to understand everything later on".

That's how i truly started playing Terraria.
Mar 6, 2001 (Age: 20)
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I'm just a regular member who likes to build, post and collect items (for some reason), also i buy items (check my Thread "Buying Some Items Here").


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