As A Believer in The Gospel, I think its best to keep the peace and to inspire joy and kindness in the others all around!
Being a Friend is part of somethin' that I do!


What do I do?
Well . . . I work for a global enterprise. Yep! I do!
In fact, we have outlets in nearly every country of the world! Uh-ha, you read that right!
We've got hospitals, we've got hospices, we've got homeless shelters, we have orphanages, we do marriage work, we've got feeding programs, we do justice work!
Basically we look after people from birth to death and we deal in the area of behaviour alteration!
What's it called?
It's called the Church!
Have you heard of it?

May blessings rain on those who Believe! (/^▽^)/
Also, have a list of my favourite songs!

Have A hear of some good teaching as well!

Lookin' for a good radio? Why not have a listen to Vision!
(Website) Miracles Day - Vision Christian Media
(Radio) Vision Christian Radio Player - Live Stream

Oh! And one last thing:
the Realm of Insanity
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