Vitrolic Medicine

In Sylvenian Cave System
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Your Favourite Medi-batto!


Ask me anything. I'll answer.
Stop. Those. Celestia-damned. Wars!
You can call me Flask. Or Flasky. Or any of my equine OCs. Or even past nicknames like Trebonth, Halt or Thartler or even Fares. But I'll act accordingly to my character bound to those.
Common types of speech:
*Text* is for actions.
<Text> is for thoughts.
<<Text>> Is for radiospeaking/telespeaking.

Common dialects:
"Text" - English
"[LN]text" - Other languages
"-Text-" - Birdspeak
"~Text~" - Animaltongue
[Text] - X'ian

Mixed dialects:
["text"] - Human-approxiating X'ian
[*text*] - Draconic-approxiating X'ian
[(text)] - Pokespeak-approxiating X'ian
[{text}] - Equestrian-approxiating X'ian
*{text}* - Draconic/Equestrian
*(text)* - Draconic/Pokespeak
({text}) - Pokespeak/Equestrian
<:text:> - Voidtongue ( :'s can be any dialect of any speech )

Dialects of Pokespeak:
"(Text)" - Common Poketongue
-(Text)- - Avian Poketongue
'(Text)' - Aquatic Poketongue
"Text" - Approxated Humanized Poketongue
"[Text]" - Arcean Poketongue

Dialects of Equestrian:
"text" - Royal/High Equestrian
"{text}" - Common Equestrian
"<text>" - Old Equestrian
"/text/" - Hivetongue
"^text^" - Gryphontongue

Dialects of Draconic:
"text" - New Draconic
"*text*" - Old Draconic
"-text-" - Tla'viss Republic Draconic

Note - rest of characters are backed up in my PC.
Slots: [6/infinity]
In italics are characters who are partly or fully inspired by canon characters.
Current characters:
Thartler (Terran Ranger [Neutral, Supportive]) - #6644AC
Vitality: *****
Accuracy: *******
Evasion: ******
Physical Strength: *****
Dexterity: ******
Magical Strength: **
Physical Endurance: *****
Magical Endurance: ****
Charisma: ****
Creativity: *****
Avouta (Mountain Long Dragon [Neutral, Curious]) - #B8B768
Vitality: ****
Accuracy: *****
Evasion: *******
Physical Strength: ****
Dexterity: N/A
Magical Strength: *****
Physical Endurance: ***
Magical Endurance: ******
Charisma: *****
Creativity: ******
Nogent Celestin (X'ian Industrialist [Villain Character]) - #C2A450
Vitality: ***
Accuracy: *****
Evasion: *****
(From left to right: Starving | Normal | Well Fed)
Physical Strength: ******* | ******** | *********
Dexterity: ***** | ***** | *****
Magical Strength: ***** | ***** | *****
Physical Endurance: **** | **** | ****
Magical Endurance: ***** | ***** | *****
Charisma: ***
Creativity: *******
Garry Eldwing (Cursed Human [Heroic, Mentor]) - #DE4053
Vitality: ****
Accuracy: ******
Evasion: ****** (Latias Form) /***** (Human Form)
Physical Strength: ***
Dexterity: **** (Latias Form) /***** (Human Form)
Magical Strength: ******** (Latias Form) / ****** (Human Form)
Physical Endurance: *** (Latias Form) /*** (Human Form)
Magical Endurance: *******
Charisma: ******
Creativity: *****
Vitrolic Medicine (Batpony Medic/Scam Artist [Heroic, Trickster]) - #501070
Vitality: ****
Accuracy: *****
Evasion: ******
Physical Strength: ***
Dexterity: ******
Magical Strength: ****
Physical Endurance: ****
Magical Endurance: *****
Charisma: ********
Creativity: ******
Character stash:
Hako Reiken (Faressain, entertainer) - #77AEBE
Hako 'Chrysallis' Reiken (Faressain/Changeling Queen, alternate form) - #278B4E
Queen Chrysallis (Should be self-explainatory) - #276B2E
Theodore Mystreaver (Agnes, stage magician) - #44AC77
Karo MacSherdiff (Primal Bloodreaver Changeling, Royal) - #CE4444
Torxon (High Tla'Vissian Senator, Whisperer Drake) - #C9A1C1
Alternate form (Revenville Sacker, Anthromorphic Dragon)

Fallacy Logic (Earth Pony, Gambler) - #B8B768
Changing Flask (Unicorn, Alchemist) - #3355BE
Nexopothem/Nex (Alicorn, Nightmare Form) - #223588
Firewing (Pegasus, Mailpony) - #FCA567

Trachea (Unreformed Changeling, Brawler, ex-guard) - #892425
Unkira Filize (Satryte, Digger) - #7E2595
Fluttershy (Should be self-explainatory) - #FFB0B8
Captain Seagull (Human, captain) - #CCCCCC
Nicholas Neverowsky (Retribution, human, mercenary trainer) - #C30567
Verys (Lucario, Nicholas's companion) - #29899A
Samuel Wickhouse (Grimm, griffon-like) - #7000A5
nameless (X'i, Guard) - #AAC161
Asreyll (Wyrm) - #6990AC


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