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Mar 19, 1997 (Age: 23)
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  1. Terraria: PC


Will you guys be adding a way to customize the color of the portals that the portal gun shoots? I would love to have red/purple portals instead of blue/orange. Maybe add Infinite range too? It would give the portal gun more use post moon lord. They are more of a gimmick currently.

Will red be one of the glowing moss colors from the Journey's End Trailer? Right now we know of blue, green, and pink. If not please add it lol?

Could you make Wyverns have a small chance to drop an item that will spawn a small Wyvern pet? Maybe a Wyvern Egg?

Dragon Mount/s ?

Could you add a Diablo 2 Reference of some sort? Maybe a Stone of Jordan Vanity Item that the Traveling Merchant would sell or maybe something to do with the secret cow level. It doesn't exist by the way. You could add this tooltip to the campfires. Stay Awhile and Listen.

Adventure Time Reference?

Will we get separate drops in a multiplayer game for the pillar fragments? Right now they are shared between everyone in the world.

Please add a red variant of the friendly fairy to the 1.4.1 patch.

New Journey's End 1.4 Spoiler



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