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    **REPORTED** [Mobile] Summoning staves do not autoswing

    Thank you for your help. And I hope it's the latter ha ha!
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    **REPORTED** [Mobile] Summoning staves do not autoswing

    Hey, thanks for looking into it. Unfortunately, Autoswing is in fact already On when I test the staves. And only the Sanguine Staff is able to autoswing. Judging by your response, do you think this is unintended? Are all summoning staves supposed to be able to autoswing when Autoswing is On? In...
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    **REPORTED** [Mobile] Summoning staves do not autoswing

    Yeah it's not as game changing as allowing all melee weapons to autoswing by default. But it's still a good change. Even if it's just to bring it in line with the rest. It became apparent when I was attempting to beat daytime EoL. I had to resummon multiple times because, well, it's daytime EoL...
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    **REPORTED** [Mobile] Summoning staves do not autoswing

    I'm not sure if summoning staves can autoswing on the desktop version. But I would like to request that they be allowed to autoswing on mobile. So that it's convenient to summon the maximum amount of minions. Interestingly enough, there is one staff that I found that can autoswing. The Sanguine...
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    Mobile Frequent crashing on Android

    Frequent and repetitive crashing on this tablet. Can't seem to find the exact cause. Sometimes back to back boss fights are fine with no crash and other times it crashes while only fishing. But it usually crashes after I have had the game open for a long time. Maybe it is a memory issue.
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    Mobile Switching weapons while using them

    Is there any update on this matter? The issue is basically like this: What I think should happen - currently attacking with Weapon A (autoswing), tap Weapon B to switch to it while still attacking with Weapon A; Weapon B starts firing off as soon as it is switched. What actually happens -...
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    Mobile Terraria Mobile Easter Update: Expanded Worlds & More!

    Please don't drop support for iOS 7! We're okay with not having expanded worlds but don't keep us from getting those quality of life, UI, UX updates.
  9. Rel

    Mobile Unable to drag/drop items in inventory & UI problems on touch screen

    I'm also experiencing the same issue. Although I am able to move things in my inventory. It's just very difficult because the window registers a scroll movement instead of a tap/tap and hold.
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