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  1. Renari

    tModLoader Fargo's Mutant Mod: Summons and Souls

    Worth mentioning that when playing on a server The Ancient Master's Map of the Lost King's Great Ancestors actually deletes your map instead of revealing all of it. My map after using the item:
  2. Renari

    System.OutOfMemoryException common error

    You'll just have to test removing things until it works.
  3. Renari

    tModLoader It seems Tremor is bugging Goblin Army invasion for me

    I tried to reproduce this using the mod list I'm testing. AlchemistNPC Banner Bonanza Better Taxes Boss Checklist Cheat Sheet Dragon Ball Terraria Fargo's Mutant Mod FinalFantasyStuff SacredTools Solutions Mod Spirit Mod The Enigma Mod The Split Mod Thorium Mod Tremor Mod Remastered VeinMiner...
  4. Renari

    tModLoader WorldGen Previewer

    Would be nice to be able to add a crimson step to a corruption world and vice versa.
  5. Renari

    tModLoader Mods that work well in multiplayer?

    I was messing around with mods since some friends showed interest in playing Thorium. My initial list had to many mods apparently (due to the 4GB memory limit). I ended up cutting our list down to. Fargo's Soul Mod v0.5.1 Fargo's Mutant Mod v1.0.2 SacredTools v1.0.5.20 Spirit Mod v1.3.4.1 The...
  6. Renari

    Official 1.3 Launch Feedback Thread

    EXPERT MODE FEEDBACK Currently about to go to hard mode with me and 5 others (2 other actively playing). Our progression curve was MUCH different than when we used to play non-expert mode. Most people were wearing Molten Armor before fighting any of the bosses, the increased downtime made it a...
  7. Renari

    PC new fishing crates

    I second this I'm currently playing on a large world with 6 friends and I personally have about 20% of a large map explored underground and have yet to find a lava charm. There's a few people trying to get lucky horseshoe from sky crates for us which is really cool that you can do this. For the...
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