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Recent content by Rocketlauncher269

  1. Rocketlauncher269

    tModLoader The Terraria Void Mod

    The Terraria Void Mod Is a mod im working on, it is currently a demo but next update wont be a demo Currently Adds: 75 New Items 4 Bosses: 4 Bars: 9 Enimies Its downloadable on the mod browser. Heres some art i made for the mod PS:Next update will overhaul the entire mod...
  2. Rocketlauncher269

    Looking for old calamity mod sprites

    i know im a year late but if you go on the wiki and click on one of the sprites, you can see the old ones also to play old calamity, you have to install old tmodloader
  3. Rocketlauncher269

    What is Silver.png?

    I recreated your mod's weapons so they aren't recolours: Hope you like it!
  4. Rocketlauncher269

    tModLoader Terraria Shortsword EX Mod

    Terraria Shortsword EX Mod Adds 66 New Shortswords And 2 Short Scythes Into Terraria This is the Last Update, V2.00 ! + Sword Bag (Uncraftable) Ways to download Github: Rocketlauncher269/Terraria-Shortsword-Ex-Mod Or on the mod browser! - rocketlauncher269
  5. Rocketlauncher269

    Pixel Art High Definition Copper Shortsword

    Copper Shortsword But 512 Pixels Instead Of 32 Pixels regular copper shortsword
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