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  • We should make Pixel art Characters and Some parts of it might get added into the game itself
    The Pink Ponk
    The Pink Ponk
    Well....That depends...On....Whether or not they should be added....
    Welcome to the forums! Please try to refrain from spamming the Recent Posts section, thanks.
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    Im Sorry if i have Annoyed or Caused problems sir Yello, im Just quiet Excited for the next upcoming 1.3 update
    I use this Username because of how i Play through the Game solo and beat/kill every Problems/bosses/Enemies in my way
    Fun fact (i think): The meaning of my name SERBEN, actually means Death… and that explains my profile pic
    I am an Active Player of Terraria and Also give the Extra weapons to Newbie players who needs them to Clear the game
    I hope My Saves wont be Wiped out next update… cuz i worked hard on my Farms and Bases
    Its gonna be a Long Weekend again… Farming for every resources needed for the Solar Armor
    Im a fellow Player of Terraria… Waiting for the Update of Terraria V. 1.3…
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