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Recent content by Shady_93

  1. Shady_93

    PC Add Back Texture Replacements With Different Dimensions

    Read this Working as Designed - Texture packs can’t use a size for textures anymore I don't think this gonna be back again 😕
  2. Shady_93

    Working as Designed Giant Fungi Bulb immune to lava

    Of course is good. All of these type of enemy's are inmnue to lava because they phase through blocks. :D
  3. Shady_93 Suggestion for User Experience

    That actually a great idea, why i didn't think of that?
  4. Shady_93 Suggestion for User Experience

    One would be enough or even add place in ui that you choose how many you can make He does Fair point. But that's the beauty of this game, you can miss few things here and there. But then you replay it and maybe you discover this time. For me that would defeat the purpose of Journey Mode...
  5. Shady_93 Suggestion for User Experience

    Yeah you right. That is better solution. About QOL i think if we can shift click from duplication menu, why not have shift click when crafting items? They could go straight to inventory.
  6. Shady_93 Suggestion for User Experience

    I agree with you guys those things needs to be changed. And even in bestiary when searching and selecting enemy you still can type in search box (but you need to either click search button or close bestiary to start walking again) . And when you close bestiary, tabs for filters and search are...
  7. Shady_93

    PC Stats in bestiary not scalling

    So like the title says. I don't say it's a bug maybe just an oversight, but I'm want to report it anyway. I'm playing on journeys mode and bestiary don't scale stats with changing the difficulty. Here's the video
  8. Shady_93

    Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Yeah about that there was even in changelog quote "Reduced the volume on Vortex Beater, Sniper Rifle and Solar Eruption" and I didn't tell the difference it's still to loud.
  9. Shady_93

    PC Graphical glitches with liquids

    Do you use zoom option? I had similar issue. Maybe try change by 1% maybe that help (if you have zoomed in).
  10. Shady_93

    **REPORTED** FPS counter

    I noticed that too. But I found it in fullscreen map in the same place like always but not in game. I think this is unintentional.
  11. Shady_93

    PC Disabling quick trash completely in 1.4

    They add it. Is in the setting/controls in main menu.
  12. Shady_93

    **REPORTED** I've got a few bugs

    So at least this should be changed when you pick up items it should go straight to inventory instead of hot bar.
  13. Shady_93

    **REPORTED** I've got a few bugs

    But if isn't mark as favorite it should be quick stacked
  14. Shady_93

    PC Exiting duplication and bestiary

    Please change when you in using search option in duplication menu and bestiary and not searching for something to close with inventory button. Because I found myself to trying to close those menus and it's really frustrating.
  15. Shady_93

    **REPORTED** I've got a few bugs

    Ok the angler has a dialogue that tells you "you bother "number" time" after few checks on quest. I thought it was gonna be a number in corner of dialouge of window or something. But in dialogue text it fits in game.
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