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    Xbox 360 Excalubur for 600 glowing mushrooms!

    Lol I can get u those mushrooms easy. I know why u want them to: shroomite bars. I don't need shroomite though so I'll get them to u, if you have a nazar and/or blindfold.
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    Xbox One Looking for nazar and blindfold

    I need a nazar and a blindfold. If anyone is willing to trade with me please tell me your gamer tag and what you want in return. I have coins and rare items to trade. Thx
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    Xbox One Need Crimson key mold

    I need a Crimson key mold. I have rare items and money to trade with. Some items I have are: Light disks Wizard hat Jungle key mold KO cannon Water walking boots Philosophers stone Cross necklace Star cloak Flower of frost Flower pow Magic quiver Ect.
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    Xbox One Need heart statue

    Looking for heart statue. Please trade with me if you have one. I am pretty far into hardmode and about to fight plantera so I have lots of good weapons armor and coins to give. If you want to trade give me your gamer tag and we can discuss a time to trade.
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