I also live over here:

"sO HeRE In sploosh :red:s CitY the MUsIC Will continuE to eAT my fAcE. mR MedALs iS TRyinG to SteAl my TACo. He WANTs to mARry my fOOtprintS? hE ALSO gAve ME a sTORE cOupon fOR AwAKENIngs. NurSE JoY PleasE hEAl mY wEapoNS of Mass destructioN. alSO soRRy mR. MedaLS, my fOOTpriNts ArE noT interEsTED. a wiLD e.T Atatcked! :red: IT in the NOSE. mOle DooM! forrGET DAncinG witH SwordS, rUn witH driLLs! Ok, sTuPIDly ovERLEVEled jAPanesE duDE GO TO froNT. lEveL 53 piTCHer vs LeveL 46 azOOOOMarill. mR. MAths aTaCS. emOOOLGA. lEv dIED. gO, ovERLY leveLed jAPanESE DUDE. bIG JEllO. KILl! kill. FaT Man, i Am nOT A HO! fAT MAn, yOU Will nOt pROBe mY PAss! jUlliET?BuT WHEREs rOmEO? HES DEAD YOU :red:ING ACE TRAINER BLUE HAIRED SAWN. ms juliEtt. I SHOVED A IRON SPIKe covERED StICK DOwN RomEo's thROAR! tHE BUG is DEad. fIRE PNUCh. :red:Ing MagIC mUshROOms, beING poKebalLS. LukE, why U use PoKemon and nOT forCE. rAngEr rICK! cITruS hAS a C rICK! why ROAr be HeRe? sORry RanGER lAdY, buT i dONt waNT to bAng. sHmictORY sHROAd gAtEs omg its NNNNNN. wAit wHO wErE boLT and QUake gYm lEaDerS? And jET? thE GaTeS OF SPARTa haVe oPENed! fOlkS, We jUST gOt a BIG DONGer. we cAN sELL it for LOTS of smAllER dongERS! aNd i thInk tHiS is WherE we'LL leave off tODays ePisODE of SHiP plAYs. gOOdniGHT!! <3" -Lolibreak (aka ShipBreaker)

I can feel it in the midnight city
In my time it was across my teeth
But I flavour for young and pretty
Oh tonight's gonna get the best of me

This is how it starts, little bit of wine
Fire in my heart, gonna make you mine
Gimme something real, something more than love
Something I can feel, I want to suck your blood

Tonight I'll take you straight to heaven
And I'll show you things you've never seen
Oh tonight I want to live forever
Baby I can take you there with me

This is how it starts, little bit of wine
Fire in my heart, gonna make you mine
Gimme something real, something more than love
Something I can feel, I want to suck your blood

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-=Basic Info=-

You're here because you just want to stalk me, don't you?



I'm a guy. I like lots of stuff. Graphic novels, books, video games, Undertale... Lots of stuff.

  • I'm a Heir of Heart.
  • Favorite character is Nepeta, Tavros or Dirk.
  • I'm a Taurus ♉
  • Personality type: INFP

I'm ShipBreaker :3

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Generic response:
This is like a person who just played 5 hours worth of Pokemon drawing something freehand in Photoshop while drunk and playing the piano in front of a angry crowd of soccer moms named Joebob who are all throwing tomatoes, while a high Harry Potter fights with an upside down Voldemort with Digimon and pigmy :red:s named Paradox Juan Egbert Stevenson Tokl Umbridge Hislk Lig Gaq, as a explosion of rabbits turn into a meat hurricane.

To that end, it's great.
Post "Hai I'm an Lsdtini" on my profile page.
May 7, 1999 (Age: 24)
Land of Wither and Thermite
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
Fallen Angel|Prince of Muspelheim






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