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Recent content by Shu-jico

  1. Shu-jico

    Leinfors Has Art? Who knew!

    Terraria: The AAAnime Series Produced by LEinfors Sponsored by: Luxury Shampoo why do they look like girls all of them except the witch doctor but hey you uploaded art and thats one hell of an act
  2. Shu-jico

    PC Custom Biome: Oasis

    I do a yee
  3. Shu-jico

    Ask A Stupid Question...

    It wasn't bold enough. What is Obama's last name again?
  4. Shu-jico

    PC What Is Your Funniest Encountered Weapon You Have Ever Used?

    Wand of Sparking Context: Is this for the fireplace?
  5. Shu-jico

    PC Brutallama's Brutal Vanilla Revamp

    Skeletron ages
  6. Shu-jico

    Hello there

    I am sick of living. Also, welcome to the forums! We all love the support of the community, so make yourself at home! It is a lonely, dark night out.
  7. Shu-jico

    The Land of the Dead (Text Adventure)

    //Creepy disturbance, ignore this for your own good... // // //I am aware of my non-existence.
  8. Shu-jico

    The Land of the Dead (Text Adventure)

    //I watch from the shadows.. //double slash in JavaScript means its a message only readable via opening the file, not part of the script
  9. Shu-jico

    The Wasteland…

    *shakes the book again* You're a ghost, yet H20 beats you. I use the book AND my poison water gun.
  10. Shu-jico

    Post an insane lie about the user above you.

    Doesn't use the Terraria Forums
  11. Shu-jico

    Mobile Interesting trick with doors.

    worqs everytim
  12. Shu-jico

    Post an insane lie about the user above you.

    Doesn't look :red:ed and about to stab himself on purple grass Is not pixellated
  13. Shu-jico

    Fixing that one mixel in Luminite

    I saw this a long time ago but didn't give a sh-- because I had other "Random Page" stuff to do. Good job actually posting this. Having to change it though.. sounds like 1.4, doesn't it?
  14. Shu-jico

    Mobile Interesting trick with doors.

    I played Mobile on so may different versions and I totally agree with what you're saying. It's an extremely convenient trick because doors open when you're near one [will always happen, like it or not] so grappling on a door is basically running. If you used a multi hook and made a bridge with...
  15. Shu-jico

    Brixtan's Expert Hardcore Guide

    I may have finished Terraria normally on expert [~100 hours] but this inspires me to do a playthrough on expert hardcore. Very useful stuff.
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