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Recent content by SkyLink

  1. SkyLink

    PC New Ambient and Surface Sounds.

    I would like that in another update in the future more ambient sounds would be added, maybe a few more animals in the background, more sounds when walking on certain blocks and everything. Along with the muffling of the sound when entering underwater, this would be a very good detail. I know...
  2. SkyLink

    PC Error Entering the Caves.

    I imagine that this could be caused by my computer that has only 4G of RAM, or because of my operating system which is not very good, so I never posted about it, since it can be a problem exclusively with my computer, but, I would like to talk about the problem, there is a possibility that I am...
  3. SkyLink

    PC Problem with the new Music Packs.

    Ah, @Leinfors , I remembered that I could record a video demonstrating the bug kkk, here it is (sorry for the slowness, my computer is not very good for recording with Terraria open at the same time kkk :dryadhappy::rslime:.)...
  4. SkyLink

    PC Problem with the new Music Packs.

    Here it is dear. Sorry for the inconvenience I may be causing in this regard. I hope the log helps you. Edit: I did a second log, in case you need to check something and everything.
  5. SkyLink

    PC Problem with the new Music Packs.

    Nothing happens, I click to select, but nothing happens, the window doesn't change, there's no option to select the image, that's it. And in the case of the files, they are all wav files that I used in previous versions of the game, when people exchanged the WaveBank file in the root folder, and...
  6. SkyLink

    Official The Ultimate Guide To Content Creation And Use For The Terraria Workshop

    Zelda MusicPack (Ocarina, Wind Waker, Majora Mask, Minish Cap and Link to the Past) by SkyLink. I recently posted, curiously I am also not able to put an image inside the game when publishing, these are two problems. Edit: I created the topic in the Bug Report to be fine.
  7. SkyLink

    PC Problem with the new Music Packs.

    I made a MusicPack for the new version 1.4.2 (the same problem occurring in and interestingly, when the intro plays, it ends, the game hangs and returns, but the music does not start from the menu, the intro keeps repeating indefinitely, it just goes back to normal if I change the...
  8. SkyLink

    Texture Pack Better Ambiance Texture Pack (now for 1.4, but NOT on the workshop... yet)

    Hi, I don't know if you've already posted your package in the new Steam Workshop in Terraria, but I saw several different accounts posting your package and I don't know if any belong to you, so I wanted to let you know about possible plagiarism.
  9. SkyLink

    Official The Ultimate Guide To Content Creation And Use For The Terraria Workshop

    I found a problem with the playback of the MusicPack songs I made. Right at the beginning when I open the game, it crashes and the opening song keeps repeating itself endlessly and the normal menu song doesn't start. Only return to normal if you reset the MusicPack or change screens and return.
  10. SkyLink

    Texture Pack Boss Colored Relics

    I also saw another publication, there are two from what I could see. I don't know if @TheWiseWillow has any of these accounts, but it is good to warn you, because that is really very bad and lack of character.
  11. SkyLink

    Wavebank Wavebank of The Legend of Zelda (The Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, A Link to the Past and Minish Cap -

    I had several problems to post because of a bug, now everything is right, sorry. / Tive diversos problemas para postar porque de um bug, agora tudo está certo, desculpe. I've always wanted to share the incredible soundtracks that the Zelda franchise gives us, especially The Wind Waker, it's...
  12. SkyLink

    tModLoader Magic Storage

    The mod was very good, but I ended up missing a specific tab for accessories and equipables (mounts, pets and everything). I didn't know the names of some of these items and I was lost looking through so much clothing and armor, all mixed up.
  13. SkyLink

    tModLoader TerraTemp (Temperature/Climate Mod)

    Very interesting the idea of the mod, can give more immersion to the world. I already thought about playing with the "Various Weathers' mod installed as well, I think it can be a great combination of weather mods.
  14. SkyLink

    tModLoader Recipe Browser

    You can place a filter to identify items that are purchased from NPCs? There is always some mod item that comes with buying NPCs and it takes me a while to find out.
  15. SkyLink

    tModLoader Metroid Mod

    He's a rare enemy, everything is normal here. However, in hard mode, it can become even more rare, because its spawning rate can be replaced by the new Red Devils and Tortured Soul's.
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