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Recent content by SlyFox274

  1. SlyFox274

    PC anyone down to play modded terraria? (main mod is calamity)

    nah, dont worry about it, i ended up making my own post
  2. SlyFox274

    Looking for players for a Modded Playthrough

    Mod list so far: -Thorium -Calamity -EMM -Boss checklist -Recipe Browser -WeaponOut -Magic Storage -No more tombs I'm looking for a few players before we start as I'll probably play either bard or healer from Thorium. The world will be an expert corruption world. If you're interested, shoot...
  3. SlyFox274

    PC anyone down to play modded terraria? (main mod is calamity)

    No idea if you guys are still accepting people, but I'd like to join. Discord SlyFox274#3095
  4. SlyFox274

    PS4 Curtains....?!

    Yeah, that's one of Pellaeon's Builds. But to answer your question, the red curtains are deep red painted Grinch Finger wallpaper.
  5. SlyFox274

    PC Post Your 1.3 base here!

    Current build I'm working on, though it is for a modded playthrough, so as teamruby64 said, not sure if it counts.
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