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  • beat the first pantheon in HK. any tips on the next one (of the artist), like charms, gimmicks and more?
    Whoop Whoop! the 17th attempt! Radiance defeated! (to be honest, i didn't even get the pure nail or the garpede vessel fragment)
    My charms where: Mark of Pride, Quick Slash, Baldur Shell, Lifeblood Heart, and Defender's Crest.
    My tactic was: Don't die, and haha abyss shriek go pew
    Too many hours of pain and suffering have been completed! no, its not celeste chapter 9, it's the white palace! and the delicate flower quest!

    Radiance is a beast tho
    I finally beat Grey Prince Zote, and found the Godseeker. And i accidentally gave my fragile heart to divine not knowing she would ask me for 12,000 geo. *sigh*
    Which is better:
    Kirby Dreamland 2
    Or Kirby superstar 3 (I think that's what it's called, been a long time since I played)
    Also thx for the follow! :)
    (Is the other one Kirby superstar? The last time I played I was like nine)
    yea it went dreamland 2, and then there was a bunch of smaller games like dream course, and then Kirby superstar then dreamland 3. And then we got Kirby 64, which has one of the best soundtracks of all time.
    Yeah, I had one game that had three Kirby games, at least one was superstar, I think the other two were superstar as well unless there isn't any sequels to superstar, then they might be dreamland 1 and 2. I bought and played dreamland two recently. (Because the original one I played was my sister's)
    for anyone that needs to:
    a Junkivore is something that can eat anything, and will, if it wants to. I want you to try and find as many examples of junkivores as you can for literally no complete reason. Put them under this in comments. A first example to get you started: Kirby
    i am going through hollow knight so fast and im not even speedrunning
    just beat Grimm,
    did TWO dreamers,
    got another nail upgrade
    like 3 charm notches
    and beat another trial in the colosseum of fools

    Can't wait for Silksong, Y'all!
    ohmygoodness it has been so long sence i have done a fat tabby trend
    welp, here we go:

    something fat tabbys do is make themselves look super derpy. And then when someone does that, it's an invitation for all the others to see which is the derpiest. If this sounds weird, just remember that i was not the one who started it. And also im usually always wearing armor so i lose every time so ye
    aww man i got so much done in hollow knight
    i got another pale ore
    monarch wings
    another mask
    the trial of the warrior done
    got my final nail art
    and got howling wraiths
    broken vessel was... easy. And then i battled lost kin and it destroyed me...
    (this probably isn't the place to ask it but im too lazy to look at the wiki) I'm about to go to Deepnest in Hollow Knight for the first time. Is there anything i should bring?
    i dont know why so awesome. And should i expect to die a lot?
    Against the mantis Lords, it takes time to learn their patterns, but they are pretty straightforward.

    In deepnest. It will depend on how careful you are while exploring the area :dryadwink:
    just (sorta) finished it, i got the tram pass, and only died once to this ginormous, disgusting blue thing with a mask that killed me in four hits, about then i was ready to leave. SO glad i talked to the seer beforehand, turns out i got the pale ore to get the channeled nail which made mantis lords not as hard.
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