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  1. TehWildcard

    PC Anyone remember Super Mario Bros. X? (OUTDATED)

    yeah, i'll probably just close it. im glad i was reminded of this tho, as i've been wanting to return to making smbx levels.
  2. TehWildcard

    PC Anyone remember Super Mario Bros. X? (OUTDATED)

    unfortunately, since this thread is so old, i can't change the voting options. i actually forgot i made this thread, lmfao. but hey, thanks for the cool info!
  3. TehWildcard

    No Wood Boxes: A Building Guide

    REALLY good!
  4. TehWildcard

    tModLoader Persona 5 x Terraria

    *ideal and the real
  5. TehWildcard

    Resolved [Xbox One] Cannot craft terraspark boots on Xbox

    1.4 isn't out for xbox, ps4, and switch yet.
  6. TehWildcard

    PC terraria doesn't open

    also yes, i have tried everything. uninstalling and reinstalling, verifying the integrity of the game files, even moving my terraria folder (the my games one).
  7. TehWildcard

    PC terraria doesn't open

    people have probably gotten this before. whenever i try to load terraria, steam says the game is running, but after a few seconds, it just stops. no error, nothing. help???
  8. TehWildcard

    any in-depth guides on sliding doors?

    i wanna know how to make one for my portal map. it'll be very important for the aesthetic of the whole thing.
  9. TehWildcard

    Resolved merchant not appearing

    good idea. i'll do that later.
  10. TehWildcard

    Resolved merchant not appearing

    nevermind, i guess going into single player fixed it.
  11. TehWildcard

    Resolved merchant not appearing

    so im playing in multiplayer, and our merchant died apparently. so we waited for him to show up, and he just wasn't. tried quitting and rehosting, but he still wasn't showing up. help?
  12. TehWildcard

    Is it possible to use wave bank files in texture packs?

    i don't know if you can. if you can't, it'd be a neat thing for re-logic to add. that way we can manage wave banks much easier.
  13. TehWildcard

    (not sure where this should go don't ban me) Does anyone know where to get MIDI's of Terraria songs?

    same here. i used to upload on the platform, but i switched to using fl studio for music at the beginning of the year.
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