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Terrarian Gamer Θ

Hello, welcome to my profile!!

Here is some updated information about me:

  • My real name is Joan, although this name is female in English, I am male.
  • I have an account in the Pedguin's Minigame Server called -Terrarian-.
  • I'm not very good at boss fights or invasions of any kind, or at events.
  • I love making buildings of all kinds in Terraria, including those that give an idea of nature.
  • I'm a big fan of Doctor Who (you can ask me anything you want about the series).
My story with Terraria begins like this:
In 2013 when I was 10 I was looking for games on my tablet in Playstore and then among all that bunch of boring and silly games I found Terraria.
But that Terraria was the demo one and every time I played and finished playing, the game didn't save progress which was obvious because the game was demo, so after a few months in July (my birthday) I asked my father to buy me that amazing game.
After the purchase of the game I was very happy and couldn't wait to start playing.

I played Terraria mobile for several years until one day, in the 1.3 update of Terraria PC I was crazy to play on a computer, but I still didn't have one.
A while later I bought a notebook and installed the game through Steam and stayed up to this day playing Terraria.
I am a member of the forums since october 2017 and I have 7 years of experience in the game (which is the one I like the most).

And you? Tell me your story! Be my friend! And thanks for reading.
Jul 28, 2002 (Age: 18)
Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil
Re-Logic Games Owned
Terraria: PC, Terraria: Mobile
College student.


Email Address
[email protected]


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