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  1. TerrarianMustafa

    Xbox One Shots fired?

    There you go sir https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/how-to-fix-safe-region-so-hotbar-is-on-screen-for-1-4-console-update.107984/
  2. TerrarianMustafa

    PS4 Other player can't see pings on the map

    I play together with a friend on a Terraria world. When you open the map and do a double click, it shows a funny little dot which should be visible by other players. For some reason I can see his pings, but he can't see mine. I am the host btw. Probably less important: I am on PS5 and he is...
  3. TerrarianMustafa

    Xbox One Worlds keep deleting themselves.

    You can only have 10 worlds or else the game bugs out
  4. TerrarianMustafa

    Xbox One Maps disappearing

    There is a bug where you can only have 10 worlds and if you make an 11th one it just won't save :v
  5. TerrarianMustafa

    PS4 "Receiving Tile Data"

    My friend who lives in Brazil can't join me in Germany either. It always gets stuck on Receiving Tile Data 6%. I can join him though. (I'm not sure if it's a bug though, since we have the same problem in Minecraft PS4 edition, so it might just be bad connection)
  6. TerrarianMustafa

    PS4 Mouse can go off screen

    It would be nice if you could give us an option to bind the cursor to the safe region, because as of now you can just leave the screen with your mouse and it's kinda annoying. Especially if you are used to PC gaming, this feels kinda weird.
  7. TerrarianMustafa

    Terraria: Journey's End is Coming to PlayStation and Xbox on September 30th

    So is the Terraria- Don't Starve Together crossover gonna happen in october or in november?
  8. TerrarianMustafa

    Terraria: Journey's End for PlayStation and XBOX - Submitted!

    You also gotta remember that they don't owe us any free updates. Especially the console version gotta be super expensive for relogic, considering how many different studios worked on it in the past and how it was developed again completely from scratch for the 1.3 version. I seriously don't know...
  9. TerrarianMustafa

    Terraria: Journey's End for PlayStation and XBOX - Submitted!

    Just out of curiosity, is DR Studios working on the Pipeworks console code now, or did you scrap that and just port over the mobile 1.4 code?
  10. TerrarianMustafa

    Mobile Terraria Mobile 1.3 Release Date Revealed!

    "Metal" is some kind of programming language for iOS and not actual metal
  11. TerrarianMustafa

    Mobile 1.3 Beta Registration Deadline

    I remember reading somewhere that at least 1GB RAM is needed
  12. TerrarianMustafa

    Mobile What hard to obtain items do you have?

    I have two rods of discord. I farmed it for so many hours and then they dropped two times in a row. I also have the pumpkin and frost moon weapons, the terrablade, biome chest items, fishron stuff and so many items that i don't know if there is still an endgame weapon which I don't have already...
  13. TerrarianMustafa

    Resolved [MOBILE] Rod of Discord

    I farmed them some hours, too. And the last two Chaos Elementals gave me two rods of discords... I killed like 400 of them. I just put a row of hallowed blocks on a row of corrupted blocks so it's not considered a hallowed biome.
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