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I am the 3DS version of Terraria. And I do not care if you don't play me or old-gen. Enjoy whatever Terraria version you want, just remember me as part of your past that was forced to be left behind. I also do not care if you don't like what I contain, enjoy whatever items you want, but I must let you know that you are missing out.

Ocram has awoken!
Jan 14, 2007 (Age: 14)
The Version left behind... (Ohio)
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: Xbox 360
  2. Terraria: Nintendo 3DS
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I wish
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3DS Code. 5043-8094-0285
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Idk when this will be gotten
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Click my eggs/babies to help hatch/grow them!
noahblast20 guessed my fav boss, Ocram!
I have a Fnaf RP Apparently!
I Participate in Glitchtrap's Calamity RP.
My SCP RolePlay.
I am a moderator of The Phantomtale RP
I am in the Cthulhu's Rebirth RP
Also in the Aftermath Adventures RP
Hey You, You're Finally Awake
Took one of those pokemon tests.....

RPG one too......

I took a 'Which UNDERTALE character are you' quiz and got Sans, then took a 'which AU are you from' quiz and got UnderFell, So I guess that I am UF Sans then!
Don't expect me to not rickroll you if I give you a link.
Oh, and I seem to make @Dark Sunshine's day a lot, 3 times so far.
Blight The Necromancer

Vampyre77 made Blight on Hero Forge!

Carl The Manager
Funtime Golden Foxy
Mike/05-14 The 05
Error Sans text color 003366
Mark The Summoner
Nexus, The Lost Brother Of Sans And Papyrus.
Grimrend, the enchanted Tizona Text color 800000
Uznahgaar the Dragon Text color 0000b2


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