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  1. The 4th Monado

    tModLoader Dragon Ball Terraria

    Presumably the fact they're basically reworking everything from the ground up
  2. The 4th Monado

    tModLoader Dragon Ball Terraria

    I think the official answer on that is "Not for a while".
  3. The 4th Monado

    tModLoader Modder's Toolkit - a Mod for Modders doing Modding

    Huh, this looks like it'd be really useful for learnign how to mod Terraria now all I gotta do is learn C# :V
  4. The 4th Monado

    tModLoader Dragon Ball Terraria

    Been playing 1.09 for a bit now, and honestly Ki Potions don't restore enough Ki to be useful with their version of Potion Sickness. Hope that gets revised in 1.1, assuming they're kept as a thing and not removed.
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