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    1.3.1 Feedback and Bugs Section

    I was breaking blocks next to water. And the water did not move when it should have flowed out. This has happend several times before with other bodies of water. One i digged down through it and the water didnt fall down the hole.
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    PC Shrubbery

    wood is important you can make chests, workbenches, furnaces campfires(useful late game) and tons of sawmill items and other stuff. So wood is important its like the game starter equivalent of martian conduct plating. And also when you make a new world there's around 20 stacks of wood so you...
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    PC Wraith Emblems: Universal Lifesteal

    lucky wraith emblem(destroyer) + lucky evenger emblem + lucky destroyer emblem + lucky rangered emblem + lucky celestial shell +vortex/shroomite armor + cosmic car key + vortex beater/S.D.M.G + stardust dragon staff + endless musket pouch = easy way to kill moon lord/ about 1200 DPS on a INSANE...
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    Celebration and SDMG Gimmicks.

    there always is the endless musket pouch, endless bullets who cares if it only does 9 damage.
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    PC The galaxy shredder

    im bad at spriting so i tryed this helped me practise. Galaxy shredder galaxy shredder projectile .
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    Cosmic Gear: The Final (Fron)Tier! (sprites)

    i love all the sprites:passionate:but i just think the UFO mount is kinda weird looking.
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    WIP More Stuff Crafted From Luminite

    M.S.H.G sounds useless endgame maybe increase the damage.
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    Celebration and SDMG Gimmicks.

    but with the last prism you aren't always hitting enemies and getting money. So you do need to farm money every once and a while.
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    PC True Meowmere

    PURPLE BASE RARITY ITS UNHEARD OF. It says on the wiki that purple is good prefix lunar items.(your going crazy:eek:)
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    Better Emblems

    I suggest that the devs add new emblems. Example, Summoning emblem + 15 stardust fragments at a ancient manipulater = stardust emblem. Each emblem increases that classes attack by 20%. Each emblem has a center color of that class. Example, nebula emblem is the graphics of a sorcerer emblem with...
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    So how to actually kill Fishron in 1.3....?

    I PRESENT PLAN ? so since in 1.3 we can get all the lunar event stuff. Like solar eruption, nebula arcanum, stardust dragon staff and phantasm including the moon lord drops if the player can obtain that. so you set up a giant minecart track across the world. And use a mechanacal cart to out run...
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    Official 1.3 Launch Feedback Thread

    i just beat the game a few days ago and the solar armor looks AMAZING. And it pairs with the terrarian very well. I really like the towers music but i dont really like hell music cause it kinda terrifies me but thats my opinion.
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    PC IT HAS BEGUN! - Terraria 1.3 Launches Today!

    red is this susposed to happen or is it a bugsomething happend with the 2 backgrounds colliding
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    Official Twas the Day Before Terraria 1.3....

    `:psteampunker stop licking the text no seriously
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    Official Twas the Day Before Terraria 1.3....

    i fell like its already out but its not. And red whats up with releasing it now 1 PM east is a really weird time
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