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  1. the final act

    Switch beta 1.4

    oh ok thanks
  2. the final act

    Switch beta 1.4

    so idk if this should go in the technical support or in game support but when the 1.4 beta comes out on switch how would i download it?
  3. the final act


    ok thanks
  4. the final act


    when is the next state of tha game happening? p.s. if someone could ansswer before the amintenance that would be great!
  5. the final act

    oh ok

    oh ok
  6. the final act

    what do you mean?

    what do you mean?
  7. the final act

    Mobile crashing

    so i dont know if it happens to everyone else, but my game crashes exactly at 10 mins of gameplay, its not because my tablet is strong enough, i have a solid 60 fps all the time
  8. the final act

    Terraria State of the Game - October 2020

    thanks for the amazing info loki
  9. the final act

    What is the hardest game you have played or seen someone play

    "worlds hardest game" i still cant beat it
  10. the final act

    Resolved [Mobile] When is 1.4 coming out on amazon kindle?

    do you know when it will come out and why does the update notes say its out when its not?
  11. the final act

    Mobile Amazon appstore(fire kindle users) here are some things to note currently.

    amazon says it is out but its not yet so im hopeing it will come out tommorow
  12. the final act

    Mobile When will Amazon kindle fire get the 1.4 update?

    sorry i cant help im having the same problem
  13. the final act

    Mobile Seeds For Terraria 1.4

    for the worthy
  14. the final act

    Mobile amazon 1.4

    has anyone gotten the 1.4 update on amazon? when you look at the description it says its out but its not does, anyone now whats wrong.
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