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The Ice Cube

stay away from my child or i will rap you to death, you feral creature
November 4
Re-Logic Games Owned
Terraria: PC


- My OC. I kind of stole someone else's clothes, but whatever. Made by DerpoTheMagnificent.

- This was the avatar I used for pretty much every site up until the middle of 2016. Good memories.

- Some people don't know this, but I was a wizard once. I wasn't a very good one though, so I quit. Sprite made by DerpoTheMagnificent.

- Ice cubes have birthdays.
Wait, no, that's a lie. I am the only ice cube who has a birthday.
Sprite/ avatar made by DerpoTheMagnificent.

- This amazing drawing was made by TenaciousTinkerer. One of my favorites.

- This one was made by ppowersteef a little long ago, but his art has improved a lot since then. (Not that I'm saying it wasn't good before :p)

- A really cool GIF that was made by Corenality.

- 2nd style of my OC, although I don't really use it anywhere.

- A drawing that was made Folder.

- Made by Dakota Spine. It's my OC as a character from VVVVVV.

- This was made by RainbowDrago. (I think? :D)

- How my OC would look like in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Originally made by DerpoTheMagnificent, then edited a bit by me.

- This one was made by DerpoTheMagnificent when he tried to create a Megaman avatar trend. So this is me standing in a Megaman pose.

- I have tried to start my own avatar trend (Core avatars), but I failed. This was made DerpoTheMagnificent.

- Another avatar trend DerpoTheMagnificent started was bucket avatars. This is a bucket with my head in it.

- Corenality made of a doodle of me melting, which is nice, I guess. (wait is it i dunno)

- A lovely doodle that was made by BitPieStudios. (See what I did there?)

- This drawing is really big so I had to put it in a spoiler. It was made by kingklutz.

- TTSp00k the Invincible tried to kill me a few times in the past, and this is a drawing that describes one of these attempts.

- "One Minute Art" art thing by Sugars.

- I wanted to have some sort of an avatar that I'd use if I was on vacation or for summer time, but I actually didn't even use it once, so...
I might still use it for vacations though. It was made by DerpoTheMagnificent.

- This is me from the far future, where I could actually afford this kind of technology. My cyborg powers include super fast banana peeling, laser eyes that don't actually work and I just use to play with my dog, and really hard punches. Made by DerpoTheMagnificent.

- Chibi. A Japanese word for short person, apparently. Made by radb1t.

- Spooky halloween avatar that was made by DerpoTheMagnificent. Unlike the summer one, I do use this. :p

- Szaila made a joke doodle of me once, and here it is.

- A drawing that was made by DerpoTheMagnificent. (Wow, Derpo can sprite AND draw!? Truly magnificent!)

- This is me if I was an Undertale boss. Made by DerpoTheMagnificent.

- A really amazing drawing made by MagnificentMicrowave. So awesome.

- VictorLes tried to make me a new Steam avatar, and while I don't use it as a Steam avatar, it's still pretty nice.

- I have a giant head.
This sprite was made by Snarferman.

- This is a drawing that DerpoTheMagnificent made. I am holding the Sims logo.
(I guess this is supposed to be some sort of ice magic thing, but it's more funny to call it the Sims logo.)

- A cool drawing made by ajidot.

- A nice drawing made by Ery.

- A doodle made by MagnificentMicrowave. It's a pretty accurate representation of how bad my jokes usually are.

- MagnificentMicrowave made me a drawing of my futuristic version. Pretty dope.

- Jack Morgan kindly accepted to cut off my head make a sprite of my head.

- My catchphrase. Made by Theo.

- Another drawing with my catchphrase. Made by MarioKart7z.

- Yet ANOTHER drawing with my catchphrase, and my favorite one so far. Made by EpicCriddle.

- The first member doodle thing that I was included in. It was made by PersonaTea.

- i get the star cookie (Made by PersonaTea.)

- Hey, look, I'm copying diekonradish. (Made by PersonaTea. For whatever reason :p)

- gangsta m-
gangsta man
Made by M4D-4LI3N.

- The second member doodle thing I was included in. (nice)
Made by Star Wrath.

- Well...

It seems like my nephew Skinny121 tried to summon the Wither boss from Minecraft using my own body parts.

Don't have anything against that whatsoever.

- Hey, what do ya know, Skinny121 has made me yet another drawing.
This time, it's not a Wither statue, so it's actually pretty good.

I mean, compared to the other drawing.


- A nice doodle that was made by EpicCriddle.

- Apparently, I'm the king of some place called Electrica. This was made by the prince of Electrica and my step son, Blockaroz.

- A thing Sam's Terra has made for me. I look more like a sugar cube, but I'm not complaining.

- When the ok is just ok.
(i am not creative so i stole something tsuki said about this im sorry)
This was made by Coldshot Boostar.

- Since UberCAKE wanted me as his waifu, he had to somehow put me in an anime.
This is the result.

- This is more badass than I will ever be.
A cool sketch made by M4D-4LI3N for his comic.

- A doodle of me, made by Star Wrath.

- When the trademark is just right.
:red:posted by VictorLes.

- "If something can be also just left just right "
Quote and :red:post by VictorLes.

- Me and diekonradish as Sans and Papyrus from Undertale. Made by VictorLes.

- A drawing of my character that was made by EpicCriddle. I wear crocs in this drawing. Crocs are great. I dig crocs. Crocs.

- wow mustache i dunno made by ubercake

- "When it's over 32F"
Made by TTSp00k the Meme Invincible.

- h-hey am
am i the saness?!!?!?!?!
saness is giygas conformed?!??!.

Made by VictorLes.

- A sketch of moi, made by M4D-4LI3N.

- such cool
very ice
Made by M4D-4LI3N.

- A nice doodle made by PersonaTea. I like.
- A sprite by Skinny121.
(Note to self: Must use this as an avatar on Halloween 2017.)

- Updated sprites of me, made by Qw2. Looks more HD than the original, so I guess it counts as a "remaster".

- This is me, sitting in my cool little fort. (puns haha)
Made by Qw2.

- birthday boy
Doodle made by Star Wrath.

- Not one, not two, but THREE variations of a Grump Head for my character. First one is a regular one, 2nd has only eyebrows (which makes sense, because I don't have a face), and the 3rd one has a sexy mustache that will get all the ladies. Made by DerpoTheMagnificent.

- 2 ice cubes with gems on them party hats. One is just with eyes, the other one captures the face I don't have a lot better. Made by Skinny121.

- Kicking :red: in space with Onyx (Star Wrath's character), and Vladimier's character, whose name I don't know. It was also made by Vladimier.

- A collection of small sprites of TCF members (including me) and others, made by Vladimier.

- That's ok.
(Made by SprainedCactus4.)

- meet the ok
(Made by EpicCriddle.)

now here's the thing polupo, i aint :red:in around here, come with me to the precinct or i empty my entire magazine on your soft parts
(made by Vladimier, but not putin)

- you know, i always knew i was some form of art
(made by Valkyrie Valhalla, call them Star Wrath to annoy them though, it's ok)

- dont believe what the face says, im not ok haha
(made by ThatOneKiwi)

- i have the power
but i dont have enough creativity to make these descriptions
(made by M4D-4LI3N)


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