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Recent content by the shinobi of slime

  1. the shinobi of slime

    tModLoader Valhalla Mod [W.I.P.]

    This mod shows real promise, I will watch its development with great interest
  2. the shinobi of slime

    tModLoader More Figures Mod!

    i think ive found a problem, ive killed both the grand thunder bird and lepus 5 times and got a lepus figure 3 times and a thunder bird figure 2, the other thing is i havent gotten a trophy from either of them
  3. the shinobi of slime

    Wacky NPCs Mod

    glad to see this mod still has plans for the future, I especially like the mimic merchant and the crimson barkeep (though im not sure how it would work in a corrupt world) because I feel like we need more friendly monsters in terraria (seriously relogic make a slime town pet you cowards)
  4. the shinobi of slime

    tModLoader Wildlife Mod

    this does make the game look cool and more vibrant but it bugs me how useless most of the creatures are, you cant even put them in terrariums when you catch them with a net
  5. the shinobi of slime

    tModLoader Portable Storage 2

    ive come across a serious bug, whenever i select an item in the any of the bags it also selects the window for the bag so it moves with my cursor and i cant take anything out
  6. the shinobi of slime

    name of placeable accessories mod?

    so a while ago, i had a mod installed that allowed me to place certain accessories as decorations, however now i dont seem to have it in my mods folder so i think i deleted it, the problem is dont even know the name of it, and when i search for it i come up empty handed, so i figured id ask on...
  7. the shinobi of slime

    fun fact: queen slimes are just king slimes converted by the hollow, which technically makes...

    fun fact: queen slimes are just king slimes converted by the hollow, which technically makes them trans
  8. the shinobi of slime

    new invasion idea: CLOWN ATTACK

    i know this thread is deader than the slime pet but i figured i'd add some lore entries for the bestiary puncho: with their big fists and bad attitudes, these clowns are sure to give anyone a red nose pieface: many chefs have searched for the secret ingredient that gives their pies such an...
  9. the shinobi of slime

    There & Back Again: A Summary of Journey's End

    i cant wait to see how mods with town npcs utilize the happiness system
  10. the shinobi of slime

    Ask a random blue slime anything!

    toxic sludges are slimes that have been corrupted by the crimson and corruption, just like how the possessed armors are suits of cobalt armor that have been corrupted. in other words: they are no longer slimes, and must be exterminated
  11. the shinobi of slime

    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    with the latest update my opinions are mixed to say the least, as a summoner, im glad were getting more options in sentries and minion aids, however im also kind of upset that you turned several summoning weapons into sentries such as the incubator and the strange skull, what was interesting...
  12. the shinobi of slime

    Ask a random blue slime anything!

    hello fellow slime, what are your opinions of the monachy system our hive mind currently runs on
  13. the shinobi of slime

    All Boss: The Comic

    so thats where king slime went after i dethroned him
  14. the shinobi of slime

    Lunatic Cultist Rework

    if this were a mod i would definitely get it
  15. the shinobi of slime

    Expand Your Terraria Empire - Pylons, Town Building, and NPC Happiness

    holy slime king i can finally build undergound
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