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Hello potential friends of the great SlimeTech corporation. I am the CEO, CyCreeperDude, known here as The Slime Worshipper for my following of the Legendary Slime Cloud (among other deities, I am also Pastafarian). I am here to spread the word of TLSC (The Legendary Slime Cloud) and the will of SlimeTech, the corporation that will eventually establish the Order of the Slime and unify the world under supreme ru- the corporation that will do nice things, that is. You can find us here.


Stuff about me:

Stuff by me:

My RP characters:

Name: Alexander "Mug" Leischtler

Age: 20

Appearance: Mug has blondish brown hair that he sometimes kinda does a flat-top thing with, but usually just lets it do what it wants. He is pale skinned and tall, though not unusually tall. He wears rimless glasses that most people say are just for vanity (he denies this) and usually keeps a little bit of beard going, though he shaves that off sometimes. For clothes he usually wears a loose brightly colored T-shirt and black or gray khakis. He tries to let his feet have as much freedom as possible, so if it's warm enough he wears sandals or just is plain barefoot.

About: An American of German ancestry, Alexander Leischtler or "Mug" as he likes to be referred to, is an interesting character. While not "evil" per say, Mug does anything he does for his own gain and just simply doesn't worry about "other people's problems" as he calls them (even if he totally caused these "other people's problems"). Mug is very childish and has a vain and silly personality. Mug is very dangerous and like his weapon (look farther down this post for that) what you need to watch out for is his unpredictability and adaptability. Mug landed with the dark side after a series of unfortunate occurrences involving a bad cup of coffee, a weird schizophrenic half-cat girl that had a weird blindfold and a halo (he isn't sure if that was real or he saw that because of eating that bad burrito...) and a few handfuls of cash.

Important Items:

Anomalaricus: His most important item is the Anomalaricus, his weapon. No one can quite tell what the Anomalaricus is, and it looks a bit different depending on what angle you look at it. The Anomalaricus isn't too powerful in normal mode, it's really only good for discreetly murdering people (as it can fire a small anomaly that can kill someone if fired at the right spot and the body simply disintegrates after death) but it can transform into the TRUE ANOMALARICUS, which is quite powerful, being able to create a grand space-time anomaly which can fire a bolt of energy that's very fast and difficult to dodge. Using the TRUE ANOMALARICUS brings back bad memories for Mug however and he avoids using it if at all possible.

Lucky Rat Skin: Mug carries around the hide of a skinned rat for luck. Nobody is sure whether he skinned the rat himself or what, or if he actually thinks it brings him luck or if he thinks it makes him look tough.

Yeah I'm a Weab. You can blame @Matsu. I also like SAO. So go ahead, hate. I don't care. I can't hear you over the One Punch Man opening anyway.


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