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    Frozen and desert key

    I am in need of both of these in journey mode. I will trade a cellphone
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    Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

    1. How does it feel leaving terraria 2. When will you start working on your next project be? 3. Do you think that you will ever add terraria items into your future projects 4. Why did you say that after terraria you will work on your next project instead of game 5. Will you ever revisit the...
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    Ask Me Just About Everything

    If there was any mod that could be added to vanilla terraria which one would it be, your choice
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    Mobile Mobile 1.4.1

    When this update gets released we will be able to get the rainbow cursor object just like pc.
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    Console 1.4 release

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    Console 1.4 release

    When 1.4 gets released to console will it contain the torch god event? I love this event and what the item does.
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    PC Just looking for people to play terraria with

    I just sent a friend request
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    The most annoying boss in any video game you've played.

    Probably ghost leviathan, Subnautica. Almost impossible, with high damage and fast speed and able to jump out of water.
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    PC Can someone please trade me a vampire frog staff for a chum caster?

    Okay, I okay steam idk if you do gog or steam
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    PC Can someone please trade me a vampire frog staff for a chum caster?

    In what game mode journey or regular. Because if journey I would want a zapinator Any colour
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    Mushroom biome

    Yes but I need dirt to do that meaning I would have to go mine some, I never hold onto dirt
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    Mushroom biome

    I think that the mushroom biome should be able to grow in dirt instead of mud. I always have to go to the jungle to get some mud every play through which takes about 45 to set up totally
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    Early Pre-Hardmode Summoner Armor

    I think it should be sold by a “castor” npc, which would be like a summoner version of the wizard and found in the cavern layer after eye of chuthlu
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    What is the weakest moon lord weapon

    I know both of the staffs suck but I am not counting those. I personally think meow mere, it is so hard to control and the projectiles are affected by gravity.
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    Name a more iconic duo I’ll wait

    Dipper and Mabel Shaggy and scooby Tom and jerry
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