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  1. The1DarkLord

    PC Tutorial

    I think you misunderstand the purpose of the tutorial. It isnt about what to do in the game, it is just the basic controls, movement, basic things like how to open your inventory or get to the menu at all. I know people who didnt know how to do that, and so just force-quitted and left, never to...
  2. The1DarkLord

    PC Tutorial

    Really, I mean this. A tutorial on the main menu under multiplayer or something. A little world with a little area surrounded by lihzard bricks. In this area, the tutorial would take place, teaching you all the hotkeys and controls, how to control your character, and how to use different...
  3. The1DarkLord

    PC The Locker

    Thank you all for your likes. It does not go unnoticed.
  4. The1DarkLord

    PC The Locker

    I have a feeling i should get somebody to sprite this.
  5. The1DarkLord

    PC The Locker

    Well, in case you forget, you have to pick the lock
  6. The1DarkLord

    PC The Locker

    Why I didn't think of this sooner, I do not know. Why are we so obsessed with locking chests? Why not have lockers? They would measure 2x4. They would have one variant for all furniture sets. They would have half the storage of a chest, because they can be locked via the combo lock (1 iron/lead...
  7. The1DarkLord

    PC Locking Chest

    I'm sorry my explanation was unclear. Because of the five digit hexadecimal code each chest bears, there could be over one million locking chests in the world at once. The thing is, you have to select the correct key to open each chest. This can be done by hovering the mouse over the key ring...
  8. The1DarkLord

    PC Locking Chest

    I noticed you didnt say you liked the associated key idea or the identification number idea. Why was that?
  9. The1DarkLord

    PC Locking Chest

    Now, I know there have been many different ideas for this, but how is this: A chest can be crafted normally or using 4 extra bars of iron/lead. This second recipe will craft the chest with a fixed, unique-to-the-world, consecutive, five digit hexadecimal code, identifying the chest, like a...
  10. The1DarkLord

    PC 1hour play limit

    This happened all the time with me too, but the problem stopped when i moved everything off the cloud. Just stop using the steam cloud if you are using it. It worked for me.
  11. The1DarkLord

    Well, i didn't expect it to take more than 2 months to get through it.

    Well, i didn't expect it to take more than 2 months to get through it.
  12. The1DarkLord

    Wow. Expert mode is really hard.

    Wow. Expert mode is really hard.
  13. The1DarkLord

    PC O.M.G. - Orca Machine Gun

    I thought of another acronym to use: LOL Little Organism Liquifier Another (less appropriate) one: MILF Meticulously Impulsive Lobster Firearm One more: GTG Gratifying Turtle Gun
  14. The1DarkLord

    Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

    The chest minecart was one of my suggestions, which somehow got missed on the sum up by @n1.
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