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Sep 26, 2014
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May 30, 1998
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Skeletron Prime, Male, 21, from Byzantium

I remember the day when you left for Santa Monica; you left me to remain with all your excuses for everything... Jan 10, 2019

    1. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      when you can't run the new Starbound update because your laptop is obsolete:
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    2. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      "I went in a little too overconfident. But of course I was a little overconfident! I mean have you ever met me? I'm me! I'm a big deal!"
      1. TheSlimez and Techhunter_Talon like this.
    3. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      "We're gonna make it! We're finally going to -- die. We are going to die." "Krillin, what is that?" "Pure rage, Gohan. Pure rage."
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      2. powpowitsme
        Jul 16, 2016
    4. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      France just can't get a break, it seems.
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    5. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      [​IMG] This is my new favorite thing.
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    6. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      1. True dinklewinkle
        True dinklewinkle
        I do not accept this apology
        Jul 7, 2016
    7. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      [​IMG] 240 years of FREEDOM*
      1. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
        *: terms and conditions may apply
        Jul 4, 2016
    8. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
    9. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      Here's to hoping my potato computer will run Starbound decently as I stumble my way thorugh it.
      1. Krasunir
        Honestly, I recommend waiting until 1.0 is released for that. Estimated release date is the end of July, but don't hold your hopes too high. But feel free to play it beforehand anyway.
        Jun 24, 2016
    10. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      1. Commander Crocket
        Commander Crocket
        Seems legit. Checks out.

        Jun 14, 2016
      2. Kyubey The Incubator
        Kyubey The Incubator

        I've seen this joke at least a dozen times. Still hasn't stopped it from being funny.
        Jun 23, 2016
    11. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      1. View previous comments...
      2. galacticGammawave
        m8. i just got through geometry and there was like one question i didn't understand. i did need more time though.
        Jun 12, 2016
      3. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
        Jun 12, 2016
      4. galacticGammawave
        oh yeah, after the act today, they had a fifth experimental test. why.
        Jun 12, 2016
    12. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
    13. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      [​IMG] I'm not even sorry.
      1. Jill, Frous, RavageTheSavage and 3 others like this.
      2. Teal
        I hope it's atleast a 90* angle.
        Jun 1, 2016
    14. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      Reminder that "Born in the USA" is not a patriotic song and probably shouldn't be played on Memorial Day.
      1. TheSlimez and Papa Dank like this.
    15. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
    16. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      S'mores ice cream is delicious.
      1. Daikonradish
        S'mores and rocky road... :passionate:
        May 23, 2016
      2. Techhunter_Talon
        There's S'mores ice cream? O_O
        May 23, 2016
    17. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
    18. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      "well, this server seems okay." *leaves because chat was acting weird* *tries to rejoin* *game is stuck on 'Found server'.* "gg, Terraria"
      1. Lord chewelews
        Lord chewelews
        This about sums up my multiplayer terraria experience
        May 15, 2016
    19. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
      "Woohoo! Yeah! I love that smell!" "All I smell is a burnt Geonosian."
      1. SolusFalcon likes this.
      2. SolusFalcon
        Your status has changed, I meant no harm earlier, though it was correct.
        May 15, 2016
      3. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega
        Well, it had to be changed at some point. Can't give the impression that i'm dead to the rest of the forums, can I?
        May 15, 2016
      4. SolusFalcon
        I suppose you're right, even if we don't post much, we still exist here.
        May 15, 2016
    20. SolusFalcon
      What a nice picture, realistic yet fiction, it is not the fourth.
      1. TheAlphαAndTheΩmega likes this.
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  • About

    May 30, 1998 (Age: 21)
    Home Page:
    Re-Logic Games Owned:
    • Terraria: PC


    [​IMG]|[​IMG]x1 [​IMG]x1|[​IMG]Is this really the best we have to offer?
    http://thebest404pageever.com/swf/putin_baloon_art.swf | http://imgur.com/gallery/sH4O0uK
    Character: ARC-136 "Stark"
    500 credits
    Phase I ARC armor
    DC-17 hand blaster, x2 (modded to use energy cells)
    Plasma Charge HF Detonator, x1
    Spare blaster cartridge, x4
    Near-empty Tibanna gas cartridge, x2
    Helmet-mounted rangefinder
    Wrist-mounted comlink
    Name: Denevol Targaryen
    Gender: Male
    Age (10-30): 17
    Appearance: Standing at an even 6', Denevol is often garbed in a crimson shirt, white, black-trimmed jacket, faded black jeans, and steel-toed boots. He has a medium build and average complexion. He has dirty blonde hair and heterochromatic eyes, his right deep blue, his left deep red (His eyes remain this way throughout all of his Digivolutions). These are rarely veiled by the white goggles he commonly wears around his neck. (That's right, i'm going for it.)

    Occupation: High School Student

    Wristlock type and colors: D-Tector, Crimson and White.
    Digimon: Huckmon

    Personality: Denevol may seem cold and heartless, but he actually cares a lot for those around him, even if he doesn't realize it. He can be very emotional at times, and can show extreme anger. Despite this, he does fairly well in class, and is determined to accomplish his goals, and has become something of a role model for the younger kids, as much as he discourages it. He tries to be open-minded, and doesn't like it when people make assumptions. He has a tendency to be a bit picky about things. And he absolutely hates the Chessmon Generals, especially Martin, for taking over the world and killing so many innocent people. Like his father, for instance.

    Digimon's personality: Huckmon is a clear-minded Digimon that doesn't let his feelings cloud his judgement. Maybe that's because he hasn't had a rough life, but he doesn't like being held back, and has a somewhat adventurous spirit. He's curious about humans, and being paired with one makes him overjoyed and somewhat hyperactive. He has no problem letting Denevol use his form, as Huckmon can share his thoughts and try to understand his point of view, but since he sees no reason for cruelty, he will attempt to override Denevol's actions when in Digimon form if he deems it as necessary.

    Backstory: "... damn this Empire... damn the Generals... and damn Martin the Warrior..."
    Denevol watched Rome get destroyed by Martin on live TV. Twice. The first time, his mom and dad tried to convince him that Martin was being controlled, but there was still doubt in his mind. The second time, when the city was overrun by Martin's soldiers, and when his father was killed fighting against them, an intense hatred for Martin cemented itself in Denevol's heart, along with a distrust of the Chessmon Empire as a whole. When the Digimon armies invaded the US mainland, he and his mother fled to Kage Noumu, Japan, his mother hoping that the country's more passive nature would make him less angry. To a certain extent, it worked, as Denevol was preoccupied with learning Japanese and his schoolwork. Instead of being absolutely livid when Japan surrendered, he openly accepted that the world was lost... but he didn't give up on hoping that there was a way out. If there's a group out to end the Chessmon Empire, he'll aid it. If there's a chance to get rid of the Digital Field, he'll take it. If there's an opportunity to kill Martin... he'll take it, no matter how degrading, and no matter the cost.
    Digimon forms:
    -Fresh: Botamon
    -In-Training: Koromon
    -Rookie: Huckmon
    -Champion: BaoHuckmon
    -Ultimate: SaviorHuckmon
    -Mega: Jesmon
    -Burst: 404: the specified page was not found

    Custom attack descriptions for BaoHuckmon since they are currently lacking:
    -Fif Cross: Ignites its claws and slashes the opponent horizontally and vertically.
    -Burn Flame: Unleashes a stream of high-temperature flames from its mouth.
    -Teen Blade: Precisely stabs the opponent with its red-hot tail-sword.

    -Rage Streit: Skewers through the enemy from a flying kick posture with the blades on its feet.
    -Meteor Flame: Rapid-fires fire shots from its mouth like a machine gun, burning the enemy to cinders.
    -Trident Saber: Assaults the enemy with the three red blades equipped to its tail and arms, relentlessly cleaving them apart.

    -Tekken Seibai: Slices the opponent to pieces with the blades on its arms while moving at high speed.
    -Schwertgeist: Uses an omnidirectional counter technique alongside its "Atho", "René", and "Por" auras that meets every enemy attack with their nine blades.
    -OS Generics: Temporarily rewrites its own data to perform actions that transcend the laws of nature.

    Current Yen: 17100
    Current Bits: 0
    Name: Shayla Nightingale
    Gender: Female
    Age (10-30): 22
    Appearance (a picture, or something no more than five sentences): Almost always wears her somewhat-long blonde hair in a ponytail. She has blue eyes so pale, they're practically grey, and usually wears a black dress jacket and skirt with a white shirt beneath it, as well as a golden-yellow scarf she wears over it. On her feet are a pair of women's dress shoes without high heels. She also wears a necklace with a gold-maned, black lion's head charm around her neck, courtesy of Nick.
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: Irrelevant.
    Occupation (optional): Envoy of Lord Nicholas Rickson, currently on a false mission to Lady Sakuya Goldizen
    Wristlock type and colors: Data Link/Burst Digivice, Blue and Gold
    Digimon: Azazel
    Digimon's nickname (optional): N/A
    Personality: Having been Nick's 'ambassador', for the lack of a batter word, since North America fell to the Chessmon Empire months ago, Shayla has learned to hide her emotions when needed and read those of others. However, she will show her true emotions when she's around people she's comfortable with. She is also very concerned about the well-being of others around her, be they human or Digimon, which can cause her to be curious and inquisitive to some extent. This has led her to grow close to Nick, something that is unacceptable. Aside from that, she is somewhat cheery, is serious when needed, and above all, is loyal to the Chessmon Empire.

    Digimon's Personality: Azazel has traveled with Shayla since she began work under the Empire's payroll, and has proved to be much like his partner: masks emotions when needed, can read those of others, and wishes for those he considers friends to be in good spirits. However, he is much colder than Shayla when it comes to dealing with enemies or hostile individuals, is easily angered, and is fiercely loyal to the Empire. He does, however, have a sense of justice, and is also loyal to Shayla. Overall, the two have worked well thus far. It's a shame we had to set them aside.

    Backstory: Imperial notice of Shayla Nightingale began a few weeks before the United States was conquered and divided. She started a rally for peace with the Empire on the campus of Michigan University in Ann Arbor, Michigan, her being a student there at the time, but it was quickly disbanded by law enforcement. After the fall, Shayla met Nick while he was touring through his home state, stifling any rebellions he might come across. He invited her to travel with him, and she accepted. After his trip was finished, Nick decided to employ her as his ambassador or envoy (he's never consistent with the title) due to her social skills, which were better than his. Shayla was introduced to Azazel shortly after, and the two began to travel around the former United States, bearing Nick's messages and ideas to the others in charge of them, and staying in the lord's company when they weren't on assignment. During this time, Shayla began to grow close to Nick... too close. Aware of a potential romance between the two, something that can never be, Chessmon officials quickly arranged a false mission to Kage Noumu, Japan, where Shayla and Azazel would be sent to supposedly meet Lady Sakuya Goldizen and Lady Lunamon to discuss trade between their two regions. As both Nick and Sakuya are aware, Shayla would never meet the latter and her partner, and probably never will. For now, she and Azazel will remain there until we can move her to a more suitable location, while still receiving a paycheck enough to keep her there.

    Digimon forms:
    In-Training - Tokomon
    Rookie - Patamon
    Champion - Angemon
    Ultimate - MagnaAngemon
    Mega - Seraphimon
    Burst - SlashAngemon

    Current Yen: 4000
    Current Bits: 1500