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Recent content by TheMoonTitan

  1. TheMoonTitan

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    -Magical Girl set -This has elements inspired by particular animes, but isn't really a direct reference to anything. -Gold elements, as well as ribbons, elements of complexity like the skirt frills, glove ribbons, etc, can be reduced or eliminated should simplicity be necessary. -The kind of...
  2. TheMoonTitan

    Researcher of all things magical and sparkly

    Researcher of all things magical and sparkly
  3. TheMoonTitan

    Personality test for Terraria classes

    1-- I dunno, I mostly would want to have fun? I guess that's "Anything Goes" 2-- Probably a rapier. It's simple and elegant, though it's rather unimpressive and ineffective overall. Tbh, I'd choose the dagger if I could enchant it to do cool stuff :P 3-- Strategy. That or the ability to create...
  4. TheMoonTitan

    Official Your favorite blocks

    I usually make my apartment-skybases out of marble with touches of granite and glass, so marble would be the one I'm most likely to build stuff out of. But, if I had access to a creative mode or similar where actually acquiring resources didn't matter so much, I'm a fan of crystal blocks, the...
  5. TheMoonTitan

    The Enchanted Hourglass

    We all know about the Enchanted Sundial and its ability to speed up a day to the next dawn (though not everyone may have one, depending on how much they like crate-farming). I propose an expansion on this concept, with a number of time-based items/tools stemming from a basic item: the Enchanted...
  6. TheMoonTitan

    Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets

    Demon Queen -Cat ears dyed black (resembling horns) -Princess dress (princess set) dyed reflective obsidian -Arkhalis lightwings, dyed grim or reflective obsidian -Angel Halo, with Shadowflame Hades dye -Long purple hair Works really well aesthetically with the Unholy Trident, Shadowbeam staff...
  7. TheMoonTitan


    Hiya everyone, I'm TheMoonTitan or Sel. I first got into Terraria during (was that really that long ago? wow) and quickly grew to love the game. The platforming and cautious traversing of the caverns looking for gold, the slow growth in power pre-HM, the grinding and vast difficulty...
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