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Recent content by theobadeo22

  1. theobadeo22

    The Bragging Game

    I killed a man... in Team Fortress 2
  2. theobadeo22

    Will you be there to face what comes next?

    Cthulhu, but missing an eye and a brain.
  3. theobadeo22

    Edit The Quote

    I do quite like fries.
  4. theobadeo22

    TCF Would You Rather

    Retain humanity, knowing everything is boring and having no emotions means that I would be bored. Forever Become a snail or become a beetle?
  5. theobadeo22

    Guess the next user to post

    Nope IUH
  6. theobadeo22

    Guess the next user to post

    I come when you least expect it! Kamen Rider
  7. theobadeo22

    Guess the next user to post

    Nope IUH
  8. theobadeo22

    The Game

    What's an incredible?
  9. theobadeo22

    Random Forum Fight!

    I turn the pizza into Jim. Jim just, presses a button. A perfectly normal red button. (boom)
  10. theobadeo22

    The Game

    Who's Bob?
  11. theobadeo22

    The Game

    I don't see anything!
  12. theobadeo22

    The Game

    What game?
  13. theobadeo22

    The Last Post Wins!

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