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suck an egg
Jun 25, 2000 (Age: 22)
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  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Terraria: Mobile
  3. Terraria: Nintendo 3DS
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3DS FC: 1779-1145-8358 Here's my Steam.
Found here are great truths, amusing jokes, and a whole lotta nothing.
ppowersteef said:
Pick weeds everyday
Karen of the Elite Four said:
Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites. I like your style. You understand what's important.
Robocop said:
Not as thick though, you win.
DAL_nug said:
So angry, that I have a Mac.
An army of users, ready to attack.
Once re-logic bestows 1.3,
All Mac users will be filled with glee.
Midnight Moonlight said:
diisi is internuts
TheQuietBisharp said:
Oh yes, my Japanese cloning failure glob prostitute and my sentient psychic space rock are 'mating'
5hadow said:
Waffles are like pancakes with abs
DTi said:
Bisharp, you're a Bruhnana
xland44 said:
I do too, but part of the fun in minecraft and mediumcore is going to get your items in hell while you're a naked person with a copper shortsword
Nobunaga of Pokémon Conquest said:
Ike said:
I fight for my friends.
MolochMekkane said:
And everyone knows better than to tell me to do something without being specific, because nothing will happen.
Nobunaga of Pokémon Conquest said:
Resist- There is no alternative.
I said:
The ocean conquers all. Any who challenge the ocean's domination are cast back. All that is left is to submit yourself.
Milt69466 said:
dammit bisharp
My own poetry thread: Bisharp's Personal Poetry Parlor
If something of yours isn't in here, be sure to let me know.

Luigi wearing sunglasses, because yeah.
Find his sprite thread here.

Boop, it'sa Bisharp!
Find her art thread here.

A Terrarian wearing a Bisharp helmet. Snazzy, eh?
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A Snover with a snowcap, because adorable.

Rock Lizard doing his rocking thing, this one is pretty damn sweet.

Hot tamale Pinelord does it again.
Find his sprites here.

A little emoticon of Crasher Wake doing his laugh. So cool.
Find Chad's sprites here.

This. This. This. I got this for free, but I shouldn't have. So damn good.
Find Yaroog's humble beginnings here.

A Pawniard pet with Dusk Ball summon, so adorable.
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The Sinnoh trio joining the headbanging fad.
Reminisce about old fads here.

A little Bisharp emoticon.
Make your requests in his social forum.

A smug Team Galactic grunt that I am quite proud of.

A whole gang of characters I like but never really get the spotlight. From left Rotom, Galacta Knight, Shovel Knight, and Frog.
Find all of Core's sprites here, he's really good.

A portrait of Bisharp, reminds me of some awesome Japanese style watercolor.

@W1K and I fencing with golf clubs, for the pure reason that I asked him to.
Find all of Criddle's stuff here.

A Golurk all old and mossy.

Pondering between Bisharp and Helios.
Check out his art thread here.

The Truffle addressing his subjects, a full blown request I made to ajidot.

A doodle for when I was feeling down.

A thingy of my mobile scarecrow character.

The first appearance of my OC Rock Lizard, won in a doodle roulette stream.

Another doodle won in doodle roulette. So adorable. Q-Q

A birthday present of a Bisharp meal. Which probably should've been Pokepuffs but whatevs.
Find his booming doodle art thread here.

A Magnemite mech.
Find his sprites here.

Geometric Bisharp claw = awesome.

Get lost in the psychic aura.
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A portrait of me from a member compilation by Supeh, I love it.

It's SourCreamSprite, so spooky!

Some art from when Cenx wished me happy birthday, woah.
He doesn't have an art thread and does stuff on a whim, but shower his profile page with compliments with this link.
A surprise gift from my man agent_laxative.
Give his arts a look here.

The Pokémon Elgyem in a UFO for 1.3.
Find his sprites here.

A gracious gift in exchange for my "Sleep is for losers!" poem during her stream. I love it. <3

Thanks to a little Q&A mishap, this was born. Also adorable. Go ask Szaila questions here.

Here's my birthday present, she insists it isn't cool but I disagree.

This is what happens when I try to give hugs.

My eternal debt to Sizzles grows and grows.
Find all of her arts here, and put in a good word. Halfhearts, I'm jealous.

Mitsunari of Pokémon Conquest and his partner Pawniard.

Helios getting his ale on with the Solar Pillar. Awesome.
Find his artstuffs here, they're ppowerful yo.

A Bisharp that decided to join the Megaman fad.
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An angry ol' Bisharp.
Port yo face here.

Bisharp got sliemed, because derp oyah pennies whatever. :p
Find DA's art here.

Bisharp and the guitarist jamming out to Pink Floyd or something, psychedelic.

A little sketch given to me for my birthday.
Find her art thread here, it's adorable.

Rock Lizard done in Scarecrow's unique style, it's really awesome.
See the rest of Scarecrow's stuff here.

The most adorable little ava.tar of Mitsunari from Suweeka's SALTIER giveaway.
Find Oni's spellbounding art here, and prepare your commissions.

A war-torn Bisharp with a scarf. This is badass, yo.
OFF does not have an art thread, but leave him a compliment on his profile using this link.

A b-day present from the sweatiest RPer of them all, Shotte.
Find his art here.

A birthday gift of me getting axed. :p
Check out his art here.

An interpretation of my Terraria OC, Helios, done with minimum reference. Props, yo.

Team Scutlix!
Find the rest of their art here.

As a birthday present, I got this awesome war-torn Bisharp, yeahyo.
Find his awesome artstuffs here.

Helios doin' his thing, I love this.
No art thread for ol' Pepsi, but be sure to shower him in praise on his profile.

It's the legendary sword Sting, from The Hobbit. It even glows!
Find the rest of the sprites here!

Helios being a major badass. Damn son, this is my angry face.
You can take your requests to here, it's worth it.

Badass Bisharp sword. Plus shininess. Yus.

SMOL Lon'Qu, still with all his edginess.
Find his sprites here.
I have received poems/raps from the gentlemen ShaoQuinn, Red H2O, Qui Devorat, and The Magic Cookie. Click on their names to go to their threads.


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