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Jan 27, 1994 (Age: 27)
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
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Welcome to. . . Uh. . .
My Signature?
You have been spoiled
He wears a black robe with lines of purple in the cap, the border of the sleeves and the lower part of the robe.
His hair is dark purple, and his eyes are of a intense purple, that glows as his emotions come and go.
He wears black cloth shoes, that are quite sturdy.
In his left eye you see a scar that seems to be recent, and in his left arm an enormous scar, that spins around the entire arm.
He is around 1.80 tall, is a human, but in his face you see the Elven heritage.
Son of a human and an elven woman, his heritage made him strong as a human, and with the rare quirks of the elven. Rejected for having a natural affinity for Magi, his mentor, Theobakus, saw great potential on him, and adopted him. When he finally found nigh-mortality (he can't get old) he started making. . . Stuff, until he finally is his present self
His powers
He is a mage, and in his general powers you can just say "magic" and that's pretty much all.
However, he can teleport at will, making him a jack of all trades
In the RFF he is said to be a "lesser" God, but don't be fooled by title, as for he is no weak foe.
With his magic, long time ago, he made himself a body made out of pure Chaos, and his "true" form is now the carcass to his powers.
But be calm mortal, as he is pretty chill.
WIP, don't complaint.


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