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    tModLoader Official tModLoader Help Thread

    I did this over and over to no success. I also tried validating and uninstalling/reinstalling the base game and tModloader, and updating dotnet and XNA. What I found in config.json after messing around and exiting normally (by pressing W and S) is that in the updated file, both "support4K" and...
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    200 hours in, World Anxiety is setting in, also - is classic to easy for me?

    What I do before Hardmode is to manually backup my current world and character pre-hardmode. It makes me feel at ease knowing that the spread of the Crimson or Corruption and Hallow is reversible without map editing in case it gets real bad. A good way to manage your Crimson biomes is to just...
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    What class should i play?

    Instead of Mana potions, just use a Mana Regeneration Potion. You only need to wait a couple of seconds for all your Mana to come back, without any reduced magic damage.
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    Terraria 2?

    Seeing as 1.4 is the sign of Re-Logic being done with Terraria, it is unlikely that a Terraria 2 or similar (unless it's a fan project) will ever exist.
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    What class should i play?

    Which class you want to play as the most is personal preference. Let your gut chose your next class. Some suggest Melee because it's rather straightforward; run up to an enemy and bonk it. Some say Ranged because of a high variety of weapons and ammo, and is home to some of the highest damage...
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    The easiest way to defeat the dungeon gurdinan himself

    Ichor reduces defense by 15, which is only half of any enemy with 30 defense. Look it up on the wiki. What told you that it straight up halves defense?
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    Personalized Boss Drops

    Every copy of Terraria is personalized. Re-Logic's experimental AI adapts and subtly creates a slightly altered version of the game tailored specifically for you, appealing to you subconsciously in ways you don't even notice, as well as attempting to mess with you and study how you react to it...
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    Personality test for Terraria classes

    Ok. 1 (ranged): I don't play basketball, but I'll say I'll just pass the ball to the best available. 2 (magic): A plasma whip just sounds cool. I really want one. 3 (ranged): If you just keep playing and playing, it's usually a great game. 4 (melee): I'd just go for the usual, likely my...
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    Sprites (UNDER REWORK) The Wicked

    0/10, name does not start with C
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    A comprehensive tier list of every Hardmode Armor in the game.

    Friendship ended with Titanium Now Hallowed is my new Best Friend
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    hey gamers I'm back

    hey gamers I'm back
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    Defend Yourself!

    That was pork tenderloin actually. I accuse the NP of building a settlement on top of trump's wall.
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    Counting with Google

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    Google Picture war!

    Yeah, whatever container it's in is gonna blow.
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