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Recent content by Tiffany Palmer

  1. Tiffany Palmer

    Supply crates

    In the game you should add a rare random event that would drop a supply crate with rare items in it. But you would have to find the supply crate. (Though it would only be on the surface unless it got stuck on a floating island too) I think that'd be neat :P
  2. Tiffany Palmer

    Xbox 360 Xbl gamertags

    Msg me or add me: ProximateJet824 :)
  3. Tiffany Palmer

    Ig is Tiffanypalmer18 if you want to msg me there.

    Ig is Tiffanypalmer18 if you want to msg me there.
  4. Tiffany Palmer

    Xbox One Need friends to play with?

    Hello everyone :) Im just looking for a friend to chat with and play terraria with. I am looking for someone mature. I dont do griefing, or stealing from peoples chests. I dont mind trading things (though i dont know if I would have a lot of stuff people want) I would like to say im experianced...
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