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    Crab texture pack

    Lunatic Cultist be looking like the Suez Canal Crab
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    What's your most hated sounds on terraria?

    Honestly i find the player hurt sounds really obnoxious, though the female hurt sound is in my opinion the lesser of the two annoyances, therefore i create female characters 95% of the time i play
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    Terraria Bad Ideas

    Barrel Cacti now spawn Dungeon Guardians when hit.
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    tModLoader The JoostMod

    Speaking of Recipe Browser, for me, a good chunk of the item recipes in the mod aren't showing up in Recipe Browser for some reason, some of these include True Hammers, True Spears, the Dream Nail, and some of the Legendary Weapons (Boook's Bullet Hell and Uncle Carius's Fishing Pole still show...
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    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    Massive bug i wanted to report: breaking pots in Sepulchre houses can sometimes cause StackOverflowException crashes.
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    The most annoying boss in any video game you've played.

    Mega Man 2: Boobeam Trap Require PERFECT (Almost near TAS-level) Crash Bomb placement. Miss one and you have to die and farm weapon energy from bulky enemies earlier in the stage. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: Deadlift Difficult to understand pattern, swarms of enemies constantly come in, and...
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    tModLoader AlchemistNPC v9.0

    I would love to see a version of this mod that is halfway between the regular version and the Lite version, it would remove Bill Cipher, Ugandan Knuckles, Last Tantrum, Autoinjector MK2, and other ultra-OP things like that but still keep the content that is relatively balanced with Post-Moon...
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    Most Annoying Enemies In Terraria w/Poll

    I am surprised no one has said Selenians Selenians are incredibly unfair going by how much they spin and the sheer amount of projectiles they can reflect. They make Rangers like me feel like :red: for existing, the only ranged weapon that Selenians can't reflect are Rockets, and even then, they...
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    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    A few issues and a suggestion. First, the transition between the cavern/lava layer while in the Spirit biome has a weird pink line on it. Second, in the Reach, there's a locked gold dungeon chest that contains nothing when i open it. Is this intended to be an upcoming Post-Skeletron item or a...
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    tModLoader The JoostMod

    I have Calamity, Antiaris, and Cheat Sheet (Only for bad RNG) It's happening in phase 1 as well. Enkidu is able to die, but Gilgamesh isn't. When Gilgamesh reaches 0 health, he goes back to full health and still has the phase 1 attacks, and it's an endless loop.
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    tModLoader The JoostMod

    I can't defeat Gilgamesh and Enkidu, everytime Gilgamesh reaches 0 health, he restores back to full health. What's going on?
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    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    I can't get Overloaded Soldiers to spawn underground. Was this changed? Nevermind, it was probably because i updated to Tmodloader 0.11.5 and updated Calamity, and my world was made in 0.11.4, so it broke the enemy spawns a bit
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    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    An issue i have with, and a suggestion i have for the Mutant Mod. I activated the Christmas season with a present, and i beat the Frost Legion, and got Santa Claus, but every time i log out of that world he dies, so i have to keep respawning him with Cheat Sheet. This should be fixed. Also...
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    yeah i have, i heard Post-ML is incredibly hard so i might die there I try not to die in...

    yeah i have, i heard Post-ML is incredibly hard so i might die there I try not to die in Hardmode, which i have done well so far, on Mobile i died to a Black Recluse, but it was Mobile Controls slipping so i didn't count it, I've died to Explosives several times in Hardmode but i don't count...
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    In Calamity i beat Brain of Cthulhu and am on my way to the Preferator and Skeletron Oh and...

    In Calamity i beat Brain of Cthulhu and am on my way to the Preferator and Skeletron Oh and yeah i've had the Ulticraft name for a while, since 2013, which ironically i didn't play Minecraft until 2014, and i've added a MTT to the end due to my love for the character on my pfp, so my name is...
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