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    PC What should I do?

    Quit ofc
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    Music General music sharing thread

    My music always comes with crappy slideshows for some reason
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    Unturned anyone?

    Let's just say it's not the most original game i've seen Genuinely fun though, we found out almost every in game mechanic on our own, without using the wiki, just like when we were kids :joy: Too bad playing on servers didn't appeal me that much, mainly because of how small pei is.
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    No Wood Boxes: A Building Guide

    There's some impressive stuff in here, but i think i'll just stick with my boxes
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    Things that you didn't realize were in the game for the longest time?

    Dyes. I learned what they were right after fishron iirc
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    Unturned anyone?

    i'm kinda ashamed to admit i like that game Had a lot of fun with a friend of mine
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    Casual Pokemon fusion

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    Easiest Mechanical Boss? (Poll)

    Tbh i managed to almost beat it on expert with a shadowflame bow and just a well fed buff. It was basically dead but i ran out of healing potions; that's what i get for not sleeping. The fact is just the daedalus bow on it's own didn't seem to be enough to straight tank it from what i've seen...
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    What is the craziest thing you've ever done in Terraria?

    Witnessed the weeky apocalypse on the server where i used to play aeons ago
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    Easiest Mechanical Boss? (Poll)

    I never quite understood how people find the destroyer to be the easiest one. For some reason i find it even harder than fishron (no, i'm not exaggerating); you can't just dodge all his attacks like you do with the twins/skeletron prime by just moving around, there are too many drones + his own...
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    Simple Chest Organization System

    My chests are in no specific place, regardless of what is inside them. I organize them like this: 1 Money, minerals, bars and precious things 2 Clothes 3 Dyes 4 Blocks and furnitures 5 Equipment and weapons 6 Alchemy (bottles, ingredients and potions) 7 Specific stuff i want to keep separated...
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    What is a like to you?

    The most common response to a cat pic
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    What character are you attracted to?

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