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  1. VaeX

    Completioniest Character (Journey's Mode)

    Thank you soooo so much for your effort! I was looking for 100% maps but a fully decked out JM character is so much more convenient.
  2. VaeX

    Generally good seeds thread

    The first world I've created when 1.4.1 dropped was an absolute gold mine, too good not to share. Features: - 2 pyramids pretty much next to each other, one is blocking the natural entrance to the underground desert so you cant miss it, the other is about 50 blocks to the left. The first one...
  3. VaeX

    tModLoader Weapons of Mass Decoration

    Do the projectiles and bombs still do damage? As I saw this mod my first thought was to start a Mad Painter playthrough with your stuff but it'd be pretty much pointless if they didn't deal damage.
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