Currently working on two Terraria escape rooms because my brain is too active for my own good.
I take pleasure in creating good puzzles for people. I never use any world-edit or third-party software, all building, wiring, puzzles, etc. were designed, built, and tested by me (exceptions are noted).
I try to go for quality over quantity, caliber over speed.
I am always open for questions of any type, from how wiring works to what plants I like.
For a little reference on what I'm interested in, I placed 3rd in the US in a horticulture competition (NJHA (identifying plants)), I have reliably placed first in a state robotics competition, I take latin, play a harp, enjoy sciences and math, write short stories and poetry, I like puzzles - both doing them and creating them, and Terraria (obviously).
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Tree or Axe?
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