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Recent content by vizthex

  1. vizthex

    PC Pre-Bite Zoologist

    How dare you try and take away my fox waifu! Nice job on the sprite though
  2. vizthex

    tModLoader Dark-Assassin's various mini mods

    I can't find where to report issues, but I was wondering if you could fix one that's been around for awhile. DA Lib (and Player Resource Bars) rely on TerrariaHooks to work, but that mod has been implemented into regular tModLoader (0x0ade/TerrariaHooks) and thus won't be updated I was...
  3. vizthex

    tModLoader How do I make it to where an item can use any iron bar instead of a specific bar?

    Thank you for posting what the solution was rather than just "nevermind I got it"
  4. vizthex

    PC Terrarian Bizarre Adventure - JoJo Mod for Terraria

    Oh my god those animations are so smooth! Also, I can kill the guide? Sold!
  5. vizthex

    tModLoader Leveled RPG Mod | Port to tMod Project

    >reads "mod support" >nightmares of Level 10,000 Supreme Calamitas on Death Mode
  6. vizthex

    tModLoader Even More Modifiers Relaunch Beta

    This seems interesting and I remember I used to use it way back. Well since I guess I'm technically a tester now, should I be testing cross-mod balance/compatibility? I feel like that is something important (but I am sure other people have already tested it though)
  7. vizthex

    tModLoader Modular, a Tinker's Construct-ish mod for Terraria

    This looks cool! I've always wondered if a tinker's-esque mod would work (because the main reason I used it was durability and to make tools better than vanilla, but Terraria doesn't really have that problem) I assume you're able to specify which weapon/tool to install modules on if you have...
  8. vizthex

    tModLoader Soul Sanguisuge Mod

    I made this mod because I had an idea (based on old versions of an ancient mod called Ersion) to let monster souls drop from enemies, which you can then use for various items. Currently, Souls are crafted (I don't know how to make them drop yet, sorry) with various monster drops (ranging from...
  9. vizthex

    tModLoader Assorted Mods by Ef

    So I couldn't find an issue tracker, but I found that the Simple Auto Chests will rename themselves to "Chest" when re-logging into a world sometimes if there's no items inside them. Breaking and replacing fixes it, but it's kind of annoying.
  10. vizthex

    tModLoader Bags of Holding

    I couldn't find a GitHub page, but had a feature request: Could you prevent true omni bags from picking up imkSushi's tokens? Or add a config option for it? I'm manually adding them to the blacklist, but just wanted to ask And could you do the same for banners? (Calamity & Thorium come to...
  11. vizthex

    With Great Power Comes Great Accessibility - Introducing Terraria's New Journey Mode

    Can't wait for Master Mode! Will the Finch Staff be in the regular game? Having a minion that doesn't fly off would be nice. Also, will achievements be disabled in Journey Mode? I think they should be, otherwise everyone would cheese them in that mode; ruining the fun of the game.
  12. vizthex

    tModLoader The Ophioid Mod

    Oh....I guess I overlooked that. But I apparently reported an issue a year ago. I'll add my suggestion then, thanks
  13. vizthex

    Prepare to Embark on Journey's End

    *excited, and I doubt that. There's really no story or lore to the game, so I would say it's either an easy mode or creative mode.
  14. vizthex

    tModLoader The Ophioid Mod

    Yes, that's what I meant. That way we can directly report & read issues instead of having to hunt down the forum post
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