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  1. Wammyve

    Running without hermes boots?

    This is such a minor detail that most people look over or don't pay attention to, but this has always been in the game. I guess it's intended to be an indicator that you're literally burning your feet alive and your character is struggling to run on those blocks. This same running effect happens...
  2. Wammyve

    Music Pack Title Screen intro won’t stop looping

    It's a bug cuz I get it too
  3. Wammyve

    **REPORTED** Replaced Journey's Beginning Song Weirdness with Music Packs

    I have this problem as well. My custom file for 50 is only a few seconds long and the idea was that it's supposed to transition into 51 for a (hopefully) flawless loop. However, the game keeps on looping 50 which results in the player never getting to hear the intended loop. Also not sure if...
  4. Wammyve

    Official The Ultimate Guide To Content Creation And Use For The Terraria Workshop

    I'm having a slight issue with porting my custom music pack from Wave Bank format to the texture pack format. Pretty much every custom theme sounds way louder than it should when compared to when I used the Wave Bank format. Idk if this is an issue with the game or my files because those files...
  5. Wammyve

    Wavebank Fixing music for Terraria (and possibly beyond)

    Ok, now this is epic (and very simple to fix too) :happy:
  6. Wammyve

    PC Sounds in tModLoader and wavebanks not working after

    I think I may have found more to the problem. If you open up the file called "TerrariaMusic.xgs" in Terraria's Content folder (using a 3rd party program), there is a new value called "Volume" at the end. I found this out when I decided to open both the Vanilla .xgs file and the custom .xgs file...
  7. Wammyve

    PC Sounds in tModLoader and wavebanks not working after

    Same here, my custom wave bank that worked fine on now causes the game to endlessly "load" into the title screen with no music.
  8. Wammyve

    PC Weird Connection Problem with Hosting (and possibly joining) Worlds Through Host & Play

    Apparently I could join my friend just fine via Steam. Also, I decided to host a world via IP using TerrariaServer.exe and boom he could join me just fine. Idk whether or not it's my modem router or Steam being stupid (or both), or my internet just sucks :red:. But yeah another workaround method...
  9. Wammyve

    PC Weird Connection Problem with Hosting (and possibly joining) Worlds Through Host & Play

    So not long ago I got a new cable modem router to replace the rented one I had from my ISP. I've also been subscribed to a VPN service called Mozilla VPN (makers of FireFox) for a while as well (still am). Recently, I've noticed a weird issue with trying to host my worlds for others to join and...
  10. Wammyve

    PC Lost connection trying to join friend's server

    Hey this might be a dated response, but make sure you both are aware of the Journey Mode difficulty. She may have made a Journey Mode world with a Journey Mode character and you may have made a Classic character for you to join with. Journey Mode worlds can only be played/joined with Journey...
  11. Wammyve

    Terraria multiplayer not working

    Might be your firewall settings or you might need to check if port 7777 on your router modem is opened/not blocked
  12. Wammyve

    Can't play terraria multiplayer

    Have you tried restarting your internet modem/router?
  13. Wammyve

    Can texture packs replace music?

    There's a tutorial on how to directly change it through the game's files. Look it up, it's not too hard (just make sure when you convert it to a Wave Bank file that the quality isn't set to low or some tracks will sound weird).
  14. Wammyve

    Can texture packs replace music?

    I don't think so. I already had custom music on my game by directly changing the Wave Bank.xwb file to my own Wave Bank file. However, when I tried to do the same setup (Content/Wave Bank.xwb) on a test texture pack, the music didn't seem to change. I know you don't have to put images in texture...
  15. Wammyve

    PC Friend causes massive FPS drop (144 to <60)

    So I never noticed this until now, but this one friend (we'll call him Flip) I have causes everyone's FPS to drop whenever he joins our Master Mode world. However, Flip says that his FPS seems to be unaffected. Flip usually ends up being the 4th member to join the world (I'm also not the host...
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