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    Wardo's hodgepodge (Building Thread)

    Tales of Terraria
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    Wardo's hodgepodge (Building Thread)

    Some side kicks :P But yea, once it makes click, its getting suprisingly self explaining. Sadly, its heavily restricted by available blocks and paint.
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    Tool TEdit - Terraria Map Editor

    Hey. Does anyone have made excessive use of cutting objects with tedit? For example: Just using half of a statue, half of furnitures or whatever. I wanted to know if there's any potential danger regarding a broken/corrupted map data.
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    PC Ghost Spawning in Journey Mode

    Just a little thing. But while building on a cementery i noticed that the ghost's do spawn when the mob slider is at 0x.
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    Teaser for Tales of Terraria

    Iam pioneering with Davinci Resolve and tailored this little Teaser for the adventure map Tales of Terraria. Forum Thread
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    PC TerraMonolith's 1.4 Journey builds (vanilla Terraria, no mods)

    Gotta admit, the unpainted version has something, too. The Crystalls on the pillar lookin' spicy!
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    Wardo's hodgepodge (Building Thread)

    Thanks! Its allways a little sting to remove chunks of work just like that but sometimes you gotta do concessions :D
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    Wardo's hodgepodge (Building Thread)

    i wasnt pleased with the statue
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    Wardo's hodgepodge (Building Thread)

    Not a finished idea but while testing around certain ideas i figured that echo blocks + hoiks make a great tool for adventure maps
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    Wardo's hodgepodge (Building Thread)

    Thanks! Thanks! Totaly overlooked it. That will help to get things a bit more organized
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    Wardo's hodgepodge (Building Thread)

    Thanks! <3 Actually: If someone stumbles upon here and knows how to add spoiler tags, i'd be thankful!
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