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Most of the more forum specific stuff can be found in my signature, but here’s some basics about me!

I’m 17, a junior in highschool, use he/him/his, consider myself to be pretty straight, as I’ve never felt anything otherwise, and I live in the ok state of Indiana.

In terms of activities, I wouldn’t say I’m chronically online, but gaming and online forums are what I like to involve myself with in my free time. Offline, I play tennis, both recreationally and with the school team when that’s in season. In terms of other extracurriculars, I play the upright/double bass with our school orchestra, and I’m a Boy Scout… nearly an Eagle Scout too!

I’d say a few of my proudest moments in life so far were: getting my black belt in taekwondo a few years back, getting firecrafter (a difficult to obtain side rank Scouts in Indiana can get), and getting my driver’s license.

In terms of my interests in games and other things…

Games: I love difficult games, stuff from fromsoftware, like dark souls and such are some of my favorites. I also love anything to do with mechs or robots, which will be obvious if you pay attention to me for a while. I also really love meta-narrative games and games with good soundtracks.

Music: I tend to listen to the side of music people can consider electronic. I like progressive metal, speed metal, heavy electronic, lo-fi, some experimental… really just a broad range in the “electronic” category. That being said, you can still put on classic rock and I’ll enjoy it all the same. The only music genres I really can’t take are country and modern rap.

People: You honestly don’t have to do much for me to like you. As long as you’re not prideful or think putting people down is funny, then I will gladly be your friend with very minimal effort. I don’t consider myself outgoing, but if I get to know you I tend to open up.

In terms of where you can find me on the forums….

First and foremost, I love to roleplay here. I’m active in.. I’d say about 3/4 roleplays here. If you’re looking to connect with me really quickly, that’s one place you’ll see me daily.

Another would be profile posts, that’s where I often go when I’ve only got a few minutes to kill and can’t say for a long time to make roleplay posts.

I’m also very active in private conversations, you can hit me up there if you just want to chat, my DMs are always open.

And finally.. sometimes I’ll be in off topic or very rarely elsewhere.

And that’s all I’ll be posting here! If you want more specific things in terms of my forums shenanigans, links to stuff like my AMA.. or whatever other horrors I’ve posted, then head on over to my signature!

Thanks for reading!
Jul 4, 2006 (Age: 17)
the Kiln of the First Flame, watching the embers..
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Terraria: Mobile
  3. Terraria: Xbox One
Tree or Axe?
Resident TCF robot enthusiast (and sometimes catperson enjoyer)




Plin Plin Plon..

Most likely not..


My Characters/RP thread [UNFINISHED]

If you just want basic info on me, that can be found in the “About” section of my profile.

“"im so sexy even life gets hard" is one of my favorites” - Donkey Kong (Schparks)

“Mid life crisis?

yeah, id have a crisis too if my life was mid
“ - Donkey Kong (Schparks)

The basics:
I play near exclusively on a gaming laptop, so almost everything I play is on Steam. I do also have an old Xbox one and a Nintendo Switch though, so I do also have SSBU and a few Xbox games..

Favorite games of all time:
Portal (1-2)
Elden Ring
Risk of Rain 2

Currently I’m playing:
Dark Souls 2, Scholar of the First Sin
Elden Ring (w/ co-op mod)

Future games I plan to play/finish:
Dark Souls 3
Rain World

Games on my wishlist:
Remnant (1 and 2)

New releases I’m hyped for:
Risk of Rain Returns

By The Court of Torches I am the Abyss Torch (modded)
I am among those of the van. I am, Driver
: I am the Driver of the van.
I am a member of The Kingdom, I am The Hand of the King.
I am the blood lust cluster axe.

I made it onto Eternal Thrylos’s Profile wall for TLPW!

Jetstreme liked one of comments!

I made the last post on page 10,000 of TLPW, which is post 200,000!

According to TLPW, I have Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in my blood, whatever that means.
I got the “blessing of the 11 candle cake” from

@Layn (I think this is like honorary post 11 on page 11,111 of TLPW cause I wanted that)

And then in the post right after that I got post 12 of page 12012. 😎

And I have done MANY things since then, it would be nice if you guys helped remind me of any of them, I need to stock this up.

Its not empty anymore : D


By @Lapis Lazuli’

Thank you, I kinda made this part of my signature as a joke, but I’m so glad that you decided to make this! I love it! This community is awesome.


By @Zparks

Thank you so much for making this sprite. You know I’m a huge ULTRAKILL fan, so you can probably imagine how much this means to me since I’ve wanted to see something like this for a while, but can’t sprite whatsoever.


By @Orchamut

Thanks again for making this. What started out as a stupid joke.. like most things in this tab.. turned into something actually pretty cool. You’ve given me a PFP to use for QUITE a while.

For those of you above,

You have also helped me see something else. It’s been a while since I’ve had a group of online friends which have actively cared, I’ve scoured multiple different game-related media outlets, and most to no avail, I simply get overlooked by all the people already in tight friend groups, but this is different. The forums have actively accepted me, and now I’m a part of one of those friend groups. This is evidence for my point, because it shows that you took the time to make something that I didn’t do anything to deserve, and if that isn’t a good example of friendship, I don’t know what is. Thank you, really.

[FILE #1 COMPLETE! (solved by Orchamut, Dragonwolf73, Banana, Fladnag, and a bit of Sylv AND Strawberry)]



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