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  1. Weetile

    With Great Power Comes Great Accessibility - Introducing Terraria's New Journey Mode

    This is absolutely insane! Great job, Re-Logic!
  2. Weetile

    Beta Tester Application

    ChippyGaming? Isn't he the YouTuber with the clickbait titles?
  3. Weetile

    Beta Tester Application

    Super excited for this! :D
  4. Weetile

    RE LOGIC! -Terraria logic jokes!

    Let me see... Shaedric does not know why post merging was invented.
  5. Weetile

    PC New Game: Terraria: Windows 10 Edition

    1. The new edition is based off of the mobile and console versions, so it has everything it has (e.g: has Orcam but does not have Duke Fishron) 2. They are really close to updating them to as seen from a trailer.
  6. Weetile

    PC New Game: Terraria: Windows 10 Edition

    Online multiplayer you mean?
  7. Weetile

    Does anyone else find the portal gun a bit... underwhelming?

    It's good for adventure maps but nothing else.
  8. Weetile

    Motivationial Comments!

    Over 60% of users use Windows 7. "Windows 7" - not the whole of Windows, just that individual version.
  9. Weetile

    Motivationial Comments!

    What? I didn't do anything?
  10. Weetile

    Terraria appearing in Mac Library

    I'm probbably more hyped for the Linux release especially as it is an open-source and free OS. Mac users could get a linux distro and stick it alongside Mac OS lettings them do normal stuff on Mac OS and Terraria on Linux.
  11. Weetile

    Resolved Apple OSX Edition

    Here. Does this help? 1.3 for Mac/Linux should be released by the end of July, please be patient a bit longer. Big enough for you? I hope so.
  12. Weetile

    add a reason why the player is evil.

    The player wanders near UFOs and probes which happen to turn the whole world into chaos and sometimes make NPCs die.
  13. Weetile

    PC Portal 2 Easter Egg

    And include Wheatley and the Space Core as enemies!
  14. Weetile

    PC New Game: Terraria: Windows 10 Edition

    As you know (or may not know) Minecraft is having an update that lets you play with other users from the Pocket/Mobile Edition of the game. This idea could be implemented into Terraria letting you play with Mobile or Console players of the game. Based off of the code of the Mobile/Console...
  15. Weetile

    Things you regret doing in Terraria?

    Did you hack it in after or did you accept your death?
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