From 2015 and 2017 hiatuses I live!

Hey everyone, this little info page about me is not gonna look pleasant if you don’t want to read it (because I don’t know how to add art after all these years).

But please, feel free if you want!

My name is William. I’ve joined this forum waaaaay back in 2015 (4 years!). I was a really immature person back then, made a lot of both friends and enemies, and lost a lot of both during my hiatuses.

I’ve made many mistakes back then that I can’t take back. But I hope through those mistakes I can understand where I was wrong and prevent those situations from occurring again.

I think I keep returning to this forum out of either nostalgia for all the great times we all had together, or regret that I wasn’t there for my friends.

There are several of my friends that I wish I stayed there with during the 2015 times. Why? Because they left after that time and never came back here.

I feel like if I talked to them more often, I could’ve at least maintain contact through these years. I hope they find greatness in life even far from here.

Then there were my friends who became depressed. I’m sorry for anyone i’ve left behind on my hiatuses that had no one to talk to, or felt like it all was helpless in this world.

I’ve lost several of my sweet family members and my beautiful goldfish Uno, Dos, and Tom (yeah, it still hurts. I miss you everyone. May you all rest in Heaven and find a next life without any suffering. I hope you can all be free.

I would really appreciate it if you took some time to remember their names. :D

Time can be cruel. Loss even worse. I’m not going to tell you “don’t give up” or “life gets better” and then just leave you hanging.

If you want (anyone who just wants to talk really), feel free to converse with me with anything you want to talk about. Friends, dreams, anime, nostalgia, games, whatever you want.

I might not be the biggest help and the conversation might or will become awkward, but I will stay and chat for as long as you want. After all, it helped me in my low times!

I also ask that if you can, let us support each other through our low times. Thank you so much!

All of my friends from the past that lost interest in me, I hope we can become friends again. I know not many of you are that active, left entirely, or won’t even read this, but i miss you all and I hope we can be there for each other regularly instead of sporadically.

Anyone who doesn’t like me still, that’s fine. I wasn’t the greatest person in the world back then nor now, but even if you just want to vent or chat with me, i’m happy to relieve some stress in your life (if I didn’t i’m sorry)

I know I keep saying this, but I miss the times in 2015 where everyone was active, being friends, profile posts updating at a ridiculous pace. Now that a lot of people are gone, I can’t help but be sad and wishing I was more active to just, be there, y’know?

tl;dr: Feel free to chat with me whenever you wish! If you ever decided to leave or already left, know that I or someone else will miss you when you’re gone. Cherish the friends you have, because you may lose them in time.

P.S. Feel free to add me on Steam or my Nintendo Switch!
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