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Recent content by XTQuakeX

  1. XTQuakeX

    CC Creation Compendium # 27

    This Compendium was really great, keep up the great work guys!
  2. XTQuakeX

    Top Techniques That Make Bosses a JOKE

    From my experience and memory this is completely false. I've outrun him on asphalt and had him teleport before.
  3. XTQuakeX

    What is the craziest thing you've ever done in Terraria?

    I excavated every block in a small world, and all liquids except 10-16 layers of lava I left purposefully to remove fallen items and Illuminate hell. Worth It!
  4. XTQuakeX

    What Song Are You Listening to Right Now?

    This is awkward... I'm currently listening to both "Levan Polkka" and "The Count Censored". The former of which can be found here: . The latter of which I'm not sure whether or not its counted (no pun intended) as a proper song (though I think it passes that check) nor if its appropriate for...
  5. XTQuakeX

    HELP in hardmode

    Since I was gone for too long and people have covered a good portion of the early hard mode magic weapons, a good starting melee weapon for hard mode is the cutlass which is dropped from the pirates and ship of the pirate invasion. Spiders from the spider nests drop another great magical...
  6. XTQuakeX

    HELP in hardmode

    Well. First thing is first, is your world Corrupt or Bloody? What do you have for armor and tools, and is this your first experience with hard mode in Terraria?
  7. XTQuakeX

    PC Dyeable Hotbar Items

    I remember hearing at some point that the devs had wanted or tried to implement dye-able weapons, but the task was way to intensive/ or something along those lines. If someone could make it happen, though, I'm all for it.
  8. XTQuakeX

    Xbox 360 What's the point of the Shadow chests?

    Yeah.... I question a lot of the mobile games.. erm.... features. I absolutely love the flamelash though, it lets me see through the ground when I spelunk :D
  9. XTQuakeX

    PC Ranged may require some tweaks...

    I'm sorry, what exactly does the mean?
  10. XTQuakeX

    Count to the highest number before a staff member posts

    69 :naughty: (I think)... This should probably be the real 68, but for the sake on continuity, lets just forget the past and count onwards past 69... correctly. -Leinfors likes this. Well, having gone through probably all the posts, Leinfors would know that better than anyone ;)
  11. XTQuakeX

    PC Ranged may require some tweaks...

    I'm still here trying to understand the whole complaint over movement speed when you have the vortex booster and its hovering capabilities, Anyway: I think a ML bow or some other final tier bow is fitting, what with the final tier gun and the joke of a final tier rocket launcher. I feel that...
  12. XTQuakeX

    Alternative Luminite Armor Sets

    I'm not quite sure which parts I do and do not like, but I would have to say that overall I definitely think this is cool and, at the very least, it's variety. Who doesn't love variety?
  13. XTQuakeX

    RE LOGIC! -Terraria logic jokes!

    Terraria: where critters made of gold inconspicuously have golden cages, cyborgs spend their time making taste modules instead of better weapons, and the steampunker just doesn't wear brass.
  14. XTQuakeX

    Count to the highest number before a staff member posts

    58 (if that's the number we're on) Leinfors sees all.
  15. XTQuakeX

    PC Ranged may require some tweaks...

    I don't really find mobility a problem with the vortex booster's hovering capability, but I am a supporter of better Moon Lord drops. I mean, sure he drops two weapons for each class, but that's still a bit bias in a subclass sort of way. He drops: no spears, no bows, and no non-turret summon...
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