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I have an AMA. It's right here.
Species: Avali
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Abilities: Can use magic, which mostly consists of simple attacks.
Other: In combat, he is skilled with rifles and tends to wield a sword as backup.
RPs: Calamity Adventure(Missing, possibly dead.)
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Orange-yellow thing
Species: Avali
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Abilities: None.
Other: Obsessed with ravioli for some reason. In combat, he has a preference for the use of knives and daggers, although he is somewhat skilled with pistols.
RPs: Calamity Adventure(Missing, possibly dead.)
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Name: Aaron

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Appearance (Pictures or Description): Average in height, pale skin, blond hair, green eyes, not particularly muscular, and not particularly fat or skinny. In other words, he looks average.
He almost always wears his jacket, which is brown in color and slightly too small for him.

Species: Human

Personality: Aaron is brave and cool under pressure, friendly, and completely fascinated by all forms of magic. He cares a lot about people he considers friends, and will take great risks to protect them from harm.

Equipment/Weapons and armor: A revolver and an enchanted backpack that basically functions like a bag of holding.
The backpack contains: Basic survival gear, (first aid kit, knife, matches, flashlight, etc.) large amounts of ammo for his revolver, and some various other stuff. (The various other stuff is nothing major)

Abilities: None.

Quirks: Large amounts of stamina, high pain tolerance, and a good shot with a pistol.

Flaws: He'd do nearly anything to learn some magic, and that could potentially be used against him. He's unskilled at unarmed combat.

RPs: Random Journey in The Universe(Active.)

Text Color: Green


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